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DupliTrade Review – Legit FX & Crypto Automated Trading System

Are you looking for an expert review on DupliTrade? Is this forex auto trading system legit? or Is this another scam? Find all the information here. DupliTrade is a premier provider of advanced auto-execution mirror systems.

The system helps customers to automate their trading for a wide variety of financial instruments such as commodities, forex and indices. It also allows traders and investors to duplicate trading strategies thus being able to profit from market changes.

With the DupliTrade system, traders have the ability to create a robust portfolio that is based on trading strategies for selected providers. Apart from that, the company allows users to define trading parameters such as monitoring trades and trade multiplier all in real-time.

Features /Advantages Of Duplitrade Automated Trading System

DupliTrade Review

  • Real-Time Access To Strategy Providers

DupliTrade software provides real time access to all its strategy providers. As a result, traders have the opportunity of interacting with transparent data thus being able to profit from the market. This means that traders from around the world can access market data from different exchanges in a split second – without delays.

  • Allows You To Create A Robust Portfolio

Using DupliTrade means having the ability of creating a robust portfolio. As a trader, you already know that you cannot depend on one financial instrument. By creating your portfolio, you are able to diversify your risk.

  • Ability To Duplicate Trading Strategies

As an automated trader, DupliTrade has partnered with strategy providers to provide you access to winning trading strategies. Traders have the opportunity of selecting a trading method and style giving them the chance of tracking a wide variety of financial instruments and their performance.

  • Supported Brokerages

DupliTrade Supported Brokerages

At the time of writing, DupliTrade supported the following brokerages:

  • FXDD
  • AvaTrade
  • Pepperstone
  • AXITrade
  • ICMarkets
  • FXPro
  • FXGrow
  • Secure Trading Platform

DupliTrade understands the importance of security especially when it comes to trading and personal information. As a result, it has invested in SSL certificate providing traders with a secure trading platform.

How DupliTrade Works

DupliTrade Review

According to DupliTrade review, the automated trading platform offers a transparent and effective trading solution. The question remains – Does DupliTrade Work? Yes it does and here is how to get started with DupliTrade system.

The first step is creating an account. There are three options. The first option is where you register via DupliTrade website. All you need to do is enter your name, email, password and phone number. Option Two and Three allows you to sign in with your Facebook and Google Plus accounts.

You will be required to open a brokerage account and link it to your DupliTrade membership account. Select one of DupliTrade’s strategy providers such as Cryptoz, Sniper, Legacy, Titan and Spider. Start tracking and analyzing the performance of your trading account and portfolio in real time.

A Brief About The Duplitrade Creator / Team

DupliTrade website has not provided information about its creator(s) or the developers. A look at the About Us page only reveals information about DupliTrade automated trading system and how the platform can help traders to profit.

From there Terms and Conditions page, it is indicated that DupliTrade website and system are owned by the following organization – DupliTrade Ltd. A little research on the internet about DupliTrade Ltd did not reveal much. Despite this, we can truly authenticate that DupliTrade Ltd is a legitimate organization.

The good news is that DupliTrade website acts as a technology provider. This means that your funds are safe as they are deposited with your respective broker.

DupliTrade Strategy Providers

DupliTrade Strategy Providers

Duplitrade Website Supports 5 Strategic Providers Namely

  • Cryptoz – First and foremost, it is an active strategy provider. It provides investment signals developed from bounces and intraday swings. As a crypto market signal provider, it allows you to trade the majority of available cryptocurrencies and their futures.
  • Legacy – As a strategy provider, it over sees the correlation between short and long trades. It also generates investment signals from trends providing traders with the opportunity of entering and exiting a trade just in time to make a profit.
  • Spider – At the moment, Spider’s investment signals and indicators focus on trend detection. Just like Legacy, it effectively provides the perfect entry and exit positions for DupliTrade membership. The strategy provider has integrated a risk management module which means no average system is applied. Furthermore, the system has capped the number of open trades which mean if the limitation requirements are met; no more trades will be executed.
  • Titan –As a forex trading solution, it has also implemented an automated risk management platform. This comes with innovative investment tools that help to determine optimal risk allocation, scaling in and out of trade rounds. Currently, Titan does not support hedging; martingale based trading styles and scalping.

Is Duplitrade A Scam?

DupliTrade is a technology provider that connects you with available strategy providers allowing you to perform the following functions:

  • DupliTrade Discover – With this service, traders have the chance of maximizing their trading opportunities. DupliTrade website provides real time access to selected strategy providers such as Titan, Legacy, Sniper and Spider
  • DupliTrade Diversify – Having DupliTrade membership means you can locate and select trading strategies that suit your style. Thanks to DupliTrade system, you can adjust your desired exposure depending with the selected strategy. Furthermore, you have opportunity of creating a robust portfolio.
  • DupliTrade Duplicate – As the core function of DupliTrade software, it allows you to set the selected strategies in motion. Since everything is automated, the DupliTrade website will work for you thanks to its innovative technology.

Does Duplitrade Work?

Yes it does thanks to its partnership with major strategy providers and supported brokerage firms.

Is Duplitrade Download Possible?

No its not. The platform is web based.

Is Duplitrade A Scam?

No its not. For starters, it does handle your funds. This part is handled by your broker. Secondly, it acts as a technology provider having partnered with strategy providers to allow the creation of robust portfolios and duplication of trading strategies.

How To Join DupliTrade & Pricing

At the moment, the DupliTrade website provides three ways of signing up.

  • Using Duplitrade Ltd Registration Form

Start by accessing the registration form, fill in your details – name, email, password and phone number, check the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy of DupliTrade Ltd and submit. An email will be sent to you. Click the provided link to activate your account. Using this method, you can still set up your demo account too. This allows you to interact with DupliTrade’s technology without losing your capital. Not only will you get access to strategy providers in real-time but you will receive signal alerts to your email too.

  • Sign In With Your Facebook Account

If you have an active Facebook account, simply enter your details and voila! You have access to DupliTrade.

  • Sign In With Your Google Plus Account

Click on “Continue with Google+” and a pop window will be made available. Fill in the details and you should have access to your DupliTrade membership account in no time.

DupliTrade Ltd does not charge any setup fees or monthly charges to use its automated trading solution. All you need is to create an account and start trading. When it comes to the minimum deposit, DupliTrade does not accept any. Your funds should be deposited with your preferred brokerage.

To help connect with Duplitrade Trading Technology, Here Are The Brokers It Currently Supports:

  • AVATrade
  • Pepperstone
  • FXPro
  • AXITrader among others

Want to know how DupliTrade Ltd makes money? As a referring broker, DupliTrade receives an IB fee from brokers. This fee arises as a result of present activity on its referred accounts. The company does pay a success fee to strategy providers. This is possible for profitable trades only and not losing trades.


DupliTrade Ltd was developed to provide traders with the best trading duplication solution. As a result, it is able to bridge the gap between traders and markets. Does DupliTrade work? According to research, DupliTrade does work. It has improved its service by providing DupliTrade members with a free trial account.

This enables them to try out the platform without losing their capital. Furthermore, DupliTrade does not charge any setup fees or monthly fees for using its platform.

This is highly beneficial to users because their bottom line will not be affected. It has taken a step further by supporting a wide range of strategy providers and brokers. That is not all. Since it does not accept any deposits in order to begin trading, the DupliTrade scam is not real.

It has a large knowledge base that covers general functions such as registration, strategy providers’ guide, automated trading and forex trading. If you are stuck while using your free trial account, just check out their knowledge base section or DupliTrade YouTube channel.

If you are in search of an automated trading provider that allows you to duplicate trading strategies and create robust portfolios, we highly recommend you sign up with DupliTrade today!

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