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How To Buy & Sell DogePound NFTS From OpenSea # Steps Explained !

Looking to buy Doge Pound NFT from Opensea? A safe and effective way to trade in NFT (Non-fungible token), Doge Pound NFT is a collection of thousands of artwork laying in Ethereum Blockchain and available at OpenSeas platform.

After connecting the crypto wallet to OpenSea, the user can trade in Doge Pound NFT, view the entire trading and price history, make bids as well as view the entire assortment with ease.

Each art piece is assigned with a specific token ID and hashed by applying an SHA-256 algorithm. The users can view the entire ownership history of any artwork by using the algorithm and also get information regarding all the transactions.

Today’s Doge Pound NFT review will take a closer look at its different aspects including payment options, potential, pros and cons, etc

What Is Doge Pound NFT # How To Buy Doge Pound NFT From OPensea


Doge NFTs contains an assortment of 10,000 unique art pieces related to dogs, meticulously chosen by Professor Elon. The collection is stocked on Ethereum Blockchain and each and every non-fungible art piece is designed thoughtfully by combining a variety of different properties.

Constructed algorithmically, there are thousands of unique permutations and combinations for the Background, Hat and Eyewear, as well as Clothing, Earring, Eyes, Mouth and Fur. Possessing a Doge Token gives the user it’s creative rights along with commercial rights over the piece of art.

Moreover, buyers can get involved with the community after getting a specifically picked and flawlessly shaped art piece.

The Doge Pound Team


Doge Pound NFT is created by four friends for their love of art for expressing humorous and compelling illustrations. The 10,000 art pieces available are meticulously designed by Crypto Babe.

Crypto Babe is the artist and designer of Doge Pound NFT. A basketball and dog lover, and a great NFT artist, she has been in crypto since 2018. Other members’ aliases include Jimmy Chew, White Fang and John Lemon.

The Doge Pound NFT Airdrop Is Coming To Dogecoin Unishiba Holders

The recently revealed Dogecoin Unishiba was a special-edition collection that received great feedback from the community. This enabled Dogecoin to partner up with other communities which loved dogs to deliver a new marketing campaign called NFT Airdrops for the Dogecoin Unishiba holders. It provides them with a Doge Pound NFT which is trading for about 1.5 ETH, currently on the OpenSea platform.

Growth Potential For Doge Pound NFTS

Continuously in talks with esteemed NFT influencers to be a part of the Doge Pound community, the team strives to provide new and engaging projects for early users. Also, the 2D version of the Doge NFT can now become 3D too, which can be used in the metaverse. Moreover, by trading in Doge NFT, users can now get access to digital apparel including a spacesuit for the metaverse.

 Pros Of Doge Pound NFT

  • A wide range of compelling and premium-quality art pieces to choose from
  • Associated with other platforms such as Metaverse, providing 3D versions.
  • A fast-growing community
  • Users can buy using their mobile by visiting the website
  • Good offers such as free companion NFT and NFT Airdrop

Cons Of Doge Pound NFT

  • Less Descriptive Website and can use more thorough information
  • Recently established
  • Currently, the only 1 option is available for purchasing Doge Pound NFT, and that is on OpenSea
  • Limited artwork released which gets sold out quickly

How To Purchase Doge Pound With Opensea.Io?


Step 1: Head to Opensea.Io website on opensea.io.

Step 2: Now you have to select the wallet button placed in the top right corner of the homepage, to start connecting your crypto wallet to the OpenSea account.

If you don’t have a crypto wallet, then you will have to make one. MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, are the most commonly used crypto wallets for desktop and mobile use, respectively. The digital wallet will be added as an extension on your browser, enabling you to interact with the blockchain effectively.

The complete list of crypto wallets you can use with OpenSea also include

  • TrustWallet
  • Portis
  • Kaikas
  • OperaTouch
  • Torus
  • WalletConnect
  • WalletLink
  • Fortmatic / Magic
  • Arkane
  • Authereum
  • Bitski
  • Dapper

Step 3: If you already have a crypto wallet with funds then proceed to the next step. Or else you will have to add them first. For adding finds, click on the crypto wallet extension on your browser. A new page will open displaying all your crypto wallet information. For most of the crypto exchanges, you can buy by using apple pay or make a card payment.

Step 4: Complete the Sign-in process: To successfully connect, choose your wallet from dropbox and the website will then sync instantly. In the starting, your account name will be set to default “Unnamed”. To change it, select the gear button present on the right side which will pop a small window. Click the “Sign” button and now you can change your profile username and bio. You can also customize your profile photo as well as cover banner.

Step 4: Finding Doge Pound NFT. Now head to the browse page with the search bar and type “Doge Pound”. This will display the entire collection of the Doge Pound NFT, which you can filter on the basis of status, price and other categories.

Step 5: Buying: After selecting your art piece, click on it and it will take you to the product page. Here you can place a bid, make an offer or buy the complete bundle. You can also see the bids and set your own offer expiration date.

You should have Ether or ETH (cryptocurrency )in your wallet to pay for blockchain interactions and to buy items.

For adding Ethereum to your wallet, you can use the following ways on OpenSea-

You can add funds directly by OpenSea. Head over to the top-right corner and click the wallet button. An “Add Funds” option will appear in the dropdown. Select it and it will show you the option to deposit funds via Exchange or by using a card.

How To Add Funds In Crypto Wallet?

For adding Ether in the crypto wallet, you can use the following ways-

Adding Funds Directly By OpenSea

  • Head over to the top-right corner and click the wallet button. An “Add Funds” option will appear in the dropdown. Select it and it will show you the option to deposit funds via Exchange or by using a card.

Deposit From An Exchange Or Buy With A Card

  • Exchange Option: Transferring funds by using Crypto exchanges such as MetaMask or Coinbase is simple and secure. Copy the whole wallet address and then use the same to transfer crypto from your crypto exchange.
  • Card: You can purchase using a credit card, but it may contain an additional fee depending on the bank you choose. Also, sometimes the entire amount is not received immediately and takes some time.

Join Opensea Marketplace from here >> Opensea.io

Conclusion :

Doge Pound NFT contains creative and incredible art pieces costing about 0.069 ETH (Ethereum ) per piece plus gas fee. The artworks are impeccably shaped and carefully selected by Professor Elon, and buying one of them gives the user its commercial and creative rights. The expanding community displays a need for these non-fungible tokens and the extensive range of Doge Pound created by a skilled artist makes every last one of them unique.

FAQ – Questions And Answers

  • What Is Doge Pound NFT Distribution Process?

All Doge Pound token IDs are attached to the artwork right from the starting point. The formula for Sequence is

” (tokenId + startingIndex) % 10000 -> Initial Sequence Index ”

  • What Is Doge Pound Smart Contact Address?

The certified smart address of Doge Pound is 0xF4ee95274741437636e748DdAc70818B4ED7d043

  • Unable To See NFT In The Opensea Account?

Mostly, the fund transfer is instant, but sometimes it takes time for the funds to display in the wallet. If the money did not arrive, the user should try refreshing the page or reach out to the Doge Pound team via an email, discord ID, Twitter, or other social media sites.

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