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Published on September 25, 2021

The Sevens NFT Collectibles # Know All About The Sevens NFT Project !

The Sevens is all set to launch their much anticipated public launch of NFT collectibles following their pre-sale event. The Sevens is an exclusive collection of 7000 algorithmically generated art pieces mainly from games, animations, pop culture, movies, and memes among others.  

As per their announcement, The Sevens will offer 5000 collectibles during the public sale. And other 2000 collectibles will be dropped as bounties to the community members and the partners in the pre-sale event. The collection comprises streetwear accessories and fashionable clothing including hoodies, headpieces, and shirts, masks, etc.  

The public sale is scheduled for September 7, at 12 pm, UTC. And the prelaunch event is scheduled for September 4 at 2 pm UTC.  

The Sevens NFT Pre-Launch Event 

The Sevens NFTs Review

The Seven respects its community members a lot. And as per their motto “Don’t Trust, verify” they are committed to being transparent and fair to their community. Thus the pre-sale event on September 4 has been organized to reward the community members who trusted them and contributed to their growth and popularity.

The tokens to be distributed are highly secured with fixed sequences and unexposed trait combinations and thus the scheme has been labelled as ‘Commit-Reveal Scheme.’   

Before the presale, the Sevens team has randomly generated the exact trait combinations of all the 7000 tokens on their GitHub account, in a CSV formatted trait table file, which can further be verified at the given address. The SHA-512 hash of that file has also been published on GitHub.

The transaction on the Ethereum blockchain will also be published on GitHub.  

One can visit their GitHub address mentioned below.


The Sevens NFT Allocation At Main NFT Drop And Pre-Launch 

The prelaunch event will continue till the main event on September 7.

Total NFTS allocated for presale -2000.

NFTs allocated for Public sale – 5000.

Out of the 2000 tokens, 150 will be allotted to the Marketing partners, 296 to the Strategic partners which they can mint 7 per wallet. Rest 777 tokens will be allotted to the general community members which can be minted 2 per wallet. The rewards will be offered through a Treasure Hunt or giveaways.

The Sevens NFT Public Sale Event 

The main event of public sale on September 7, 2021, will have a 7 minute limit period which will limit the speed of minting per transaction to 1 NFT. After this restricted time, the maximum mint amount per transaction will be increased to 7 NFTs till the end of the supply.

How To Buy The Sevens NFTs?

The Sevens are available for sale on the official page on the OpenSea platform. The cost for minting the token will be approximately 0 .07 ETH +Gas.

How To Buy The Sevens NFTs

One can mint the token from the prelaunch on September 4 till the main event on September 7 till 7 pm UTC. Also, make sure to visit their official address on OpenSea given below for purchasing the tokens to avoid any fake pages. 


As per their latest official tweet, minting via the Etherscan platform is allowed. 


If you are new in this arena, then the prerequisite is that you should have a decentralized crypto wallet such MetaMask and an account at OpenSea. The MetaMask wallet should be linked with the OpenSea account for further transactions. You can then visit the official page of the Sevens to purchase the NFTs and can buy the NFTs with just a single click. 

The Sevens NFT Treasure Hunt – Metaverse (Season 1) 

To mint the tokens, one has to participate in the Treasure Hunt. It is built around a story in the future dystopian world taking place in the year 2077. The past decades have been full of discord and chaos due to the rule of corrupt governments. You as a participant will represent the seventh generation which possesses some extraordinary powers than your forefathers and will be known as ‘The Sevens’.

Your forefathers have been living in a world full of injustice and have sacrificed a lot and now you are one of The Sevens who represents the new counter-culture avatars. You want to align the physical world by exploring the treasures of the digital universe “Metaverse” which is powered by Ethereum blockchain.

You will hunt the clues woven around the artwork from the collection. The art pieces will be used as the main themes and the puzzles will be asked related to them. The discussion will be hosted on the official Discord address of The Sevens.

The story of the Treasure Hunt is important to remember for future references as it will be helpful to find clues in the future Treasure Hunt seasons of the project.

The Sevens NFT Future Roadmap  

The Sevens NFTs Roadmap

The Sevens Has Terrific Plans For The Remaining Year And The Next Year. 

2021 – Last Quarter 

  • By this year-end, The Sevens will be collaborating with other NFT projects and have plans to grow mutually like other fashion brands.
  • They would be approaching potential partners for future associations.
  • Their rarity data will be added to the Rarity tools and Rarity Sniper.

2022 – Quarter 1

  • The Sevens will launch an online outlet for their clothing and accessories line.  
  • The Treasure Hunt Season 2 will be launched.  
  • Also, an incubation program will be introduced that will promote artists to create unique artwork and fashion attributes.
  • With the contribution of community members, future projects will be funded.

2022 –Quarter 2  

  • The Sevens DAO will also be developed and released with a $SEVEN token in the second half of the year 2022.  
  • The launch of Treasure Hunt Season 3 has also been included in their calendar list.
  • The Seven collections will be equipped with a unique mutation mechanism. 

For the latest updates, on the drop, one can visit their social media pages and can become a member of their most welcoming and friendly community.

Official Website : thesevensofficial.com

OpenSea : https://opensea.io/collection/the-sevens-official

Twitter : https://twitter.com/thesevens_7

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesevensofficial_777/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TYTGtNavnK

The Sevens NFT : Concluding Words

The project has been launched this year on July 11, 2021, and has gained extensive popularity among crypto lovers in a short period with its promising future. 

Another NFT project On1 Force launched in the same period has accused The Sevens of pirating their logo, their approach, and even the style of the art pieces. But through a post on medium.com, The Sevens have cleared the allegations with all the required proofs of their authenticity. One can check their official page on medium for clearing any doubts.

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