Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

ETF Deathwatch for June 2015: List Grows to 323

By Ron Rowland
20:02 pm CDT

The ETF Deathwatch membership roll grew eight names larger for June.  Seventeen products were added and nine came off.  Escapees included seven products with improved health and two that closed up shop.  The count now stands at 323, consisting of 225 ETFs and 98 ETNs.  Actively managed ETFs continue to have a disproportionally large representation [...]


ETF Stats for May 2015 – Spot Failures and Extreme Makeovers | Sat, June 6th, 2015

Sixteen new products were introduced in May and five were closed. Both the launch and closure counts should have been higher by ten, but Invesco PowerShares decided to perform an extreme-makeover on ten of its ETFs.  Additionally, new entrant AccuShares fails to learn from history and launches ETFs it claims will track spot prices. The [...]

ETF Deathwatch for May 2015: Back Above 300 | Fri, May 22nd, 2015

The ETF Deathwatch membership rolls jumped higher for May.  Twenty names were added to the list, while only four came off.  The net increase of 16 pushed the total count from 299 to 315, consisting of 221 ETFs and 94 ETNs.  The industry hit a major milestone earlier this month when the number of ETF [...]

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