Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

ETF Deathwatch for October 2014: Two 6-Year Old Products Join

By Ron Rowland
15:35 pm CDT

Thirteen names were added while fifteen came off the ETF Deathwatch this month. The net reduction of two is not as good as it seems since nine that departed were the result of actual fund closures. Just six escaped the honorable way by improving their health. This month’s list contains 328 products, consisting of 223 ETFs and 105 ETNs.


ETF Stats for September 2014 – Count at 1,650 | Mon, October 13th, 2014

Eighteen ETFs and two ETNs came to market in September while thirteen ETFs closed their doors. Both the closure and launch counts should have been one number higher, but BlackRock (BLK) chose to perform an extreme makeover on a seven-year old iShares ETF rather than closing it and launching a new one. The net increase of seven listings puts the month-end counts at 1,440 ETFs and 210 ETNs for a total of 1,650 exchange traded products.

iShares Raises the Bar on ETF Survivability | Mon, October 13th, 2014

Blackrock’s (BLK) huge iShares closure takes place this week. The firm is shutting down 18 ETFs, including many that would be considered successful by most standards. The last day of trading will be Tuesday, October 14, with final shareholder distributions expected to be completed by October 21.

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