Sectors: The average momentum score for the Sector Benchmark ETFs increased from 17.45 to 17.73. Momentum increased for four of the 11 sectors last week, remained neutral in two, and decreased in five. Healthcare had the largest increase in momentum score, with an 8–point increase, which caused it to switch with Technology for first and second in rank, respectively. Materials, with a 4-point decrease, had the largest drop in momentum score. Energy remained last in rank despite a 5-point increase in momentum score.

Factors: Among the Factor Benchmark ETFs, the average factor score increased from 20.67 to 20.83. Momentum increased in five of the 12 factors last week, remained neutral in four, and went down in three. Small Size, with a 5-point increase, had the largest increase in momentum score. Value had a 3-point decrease, followed closely by Fundamental and Dividend Growth, which both fell by 2 points. Quality remains first in rank as it remained neutral in momentum score this week. Low Volatility remains the laggard as it also remained neutral.

Global: The average Global Benchmark ETF momentum score decreased from 16.55 to 15.73 for the week. Momentum in the global sector decreased in all but four of the 11 regions last week. Latin America remained the laggard with no change in momentum score. USA overtook Japan for first after a 1-point increase and 2-point decrease in momentum score, respectively.