Invest With An Edge is a FREE investing resource offering insightful commentary, useful market overviews, timely picks of the week, and a full-fledged investing strategy. It’s an excellent resource by itself – but what if you need more?

We recommend two (2) options if you need more assistance with your investments…

1. Self-Managed Investing with Award-Winning Advisory Service
All Star Fund Trader 14-Day Trial Subscription

Hulbert-rated All Star Fund Trader is a comprehensive online investment advisory service for regular investors. Published since 1991, All Star Fund Trader provides actionable advice so you can succeed in this tough market.

  • Low-Maintenance Investing – To help you concentrate on other things.
  • Five (5) Investing Strategies – So you can pick the one that fits you.
  • Outstanding Long-term Performance – No fly-by-night stock service.
  • Fourteen (14) Fund Rankings – Invest in the best mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Weekly Emails (or more) – To keep you posted of all the changes.
  • Secure Telephone Hotline – In case you’re away from your computer.
  • Bear Market Investing E-Book – Keep it, even if you cancel your trial!

Sign-up today for a FREE trial subscription to All Star Fund Trader. Check it out and make sure if it’s right for you. Pay only for the months you use – cancel at any time. ($27/month or $297/year)

All Star Fund Trader 14-Day Trial Subscription

2. Professionally Managed Account With An Investment Advisor
Capital Cities Asset Management Benefits

With over $100 million in assets under advisement or under management, Capital Cities Asset Management is your source for smart exposure to the equity markets. Often in cash during times of market uncertainty, Capital Cities knows that wealth preservation is just as important as wealth appreciation.

Most importantly, Capital Cities Asset Management is a fee-based investment advisor. Unlike a broker, who might generate unnecessary commissions, Capital Cities has a stake in your success.

For more of what Capital Cities can do for you, check out the website:

Capital Cities Asset Management Benefits

Capital Cities Asset Management (CCAM) is a Registered Investment Advisor.
Minimum: $100,000 investment.