PIMCO expanded its fixed income ETF menu with the June 17, 2011 introduction of PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond Index Fund (HYS). HYS will attempt to replicate the price and yield performance of the BofA Merrill Lynch 0-5 Year US High Yield Constrained Index using PIMCO’s “smart passive” approach to indexation.

The underlying BofA Merrill Lynch 0-5 Year US High Yield Constrained Index (registration required, index ticker = HUCD) tracks the performance of short-term U.S. dollar denominated, below-investment grade corporate debt issued in the U.S. market. Allocations to an individual issuer will not exceed 2%. The index currently has 787 constituents, an effective yield of 7.5%, and a duration of 2.2 years.

PIMCO’s “smart passive” approach incorporates credit analysis, which aims to remove undesirably risky paper from the portfolio, as well as real-time views on market liquidity. Although HYS is not an actively-managed ETF, the approach allows for some management discretion. Vineer Bhansali and Andrew Jessup will manage the fund. Q & A with managers (pdf).

PIMCO’s sampling technique reduces 787 index constituents to just 82 current holdings for the fund. If HYS successfully matches the index, then HYS should also enjoy a relatively low duration of just 2.2 years and a yield around 6.9%, net of the 0.55% expense ratio.

HYS is PIMCO’s first high yield ETF. It was preceded by PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index Fund (CORP), which has a yield of 3.4% (less than half of HYS) and a duration of 6.4 years (almost 3 times HYS).

HYS appears to be at an attractive place on the high yield risk/reward curve. From a risk standpoint, the closest competitor is Guggenheim BulletShares 2015 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (BSJF). BSJF has a current yield of 4.7% and a duration of just 1.9 years, making it less sensitive than HYS to interest changes.

Another comparable ETF is AdvisorShares Peritus High Yield ETF (HYLD) with a current yield of 9.9% and duration of 3.6 years. iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond (HYG) has the largest asset base among high yield ETFs, and has a current yield of 7.3% and an effective duration of about 4.4 years.

Additional information about HYS is located in the snapshot, press release, fact sheet (pdf), and the prospectus documents.

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