Guggenheim previously announced (pdf) the last day of trading for eight ETFs would be tomorrow (Friday 3/23). While all of the affected products are now part of the Guggenheim lineup, you may be more familiar with their original Claymore, Rydex, and CurrencyShares monikers. Delisting will occur prior to the opening on Monday with liquidation anticipated by the end of the month. This is the second batch of closings for 2012 (Global X closed eight ETFs in February), bringing the year-to-date closure count to sixteen.

The affected funds are:

  1. CurrencyShares Mexican Peso (FXM)
  2. CurrencyShares Russian Ruble (FXRU)
  3. Guggenheim Ocean Tomo Patent ETF (OTP)
  4. Guggenheim Ocean Tomo Growth Index ETF (OTR)
  5. Guggenheim Sector Rotation ETF (XRO)
  6. Guggenheim International Small Cap LDRs ETF (XGC) [Extreme Makeover – ETF Edition]
  7. Guggenheim EW Euro-Pacific LDRs ETF (EEN)
  8. Guggenheim MSCI ACWI Equal Weight ETF (EWAC) [The Whole World Equally Weighted]

Six of the closing funds are regular members of ETF Deathwatch, and their closures were anticipated. The primary anomaly being the fact it took so long with some of them being more than five years old. Two of the closures were somewhat surprising: CurrencyShares Mexican Peso (FXM) had about $35 million in assets and Guggenheim Ocean Tomo Growth Index ETF (OTR) had an increase in trading activity recently, which kept them off Deathwatch.

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