Twenty new ETFs and three new ETNs hit the market in July.  No products were delisted, pushing the official count to a record high 1,032 (934 ETFs and 98 ETNs).  Also during the month, the first lawsuit over ETF ticker symbols was filed as the Select Sector SPDR Trust claimed the “XL family of ETFs” is protected by trademark law even though the phrase was never used prior to the suit.

Monthly dollar volume (value traded) across all ETPs came in at $1.43 trillion, a drop of -17.7% from the $1.74 trillion in June.  Average daily dollar volume declined to $68.2 billion from $79.0 billion.  Market volume is notoriously light in August and could push these figures even lower in our next report.

SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) remained far and away the most actively traded product, grabbing 35.6% of all ETP monthly dollar volume with $509 billion of trading activity.  Just eleven ETFs made the ETF Billion Dollar Club by trading more than $1 billion per day during the month.  ETFs averaging more than $100 million per day numbered just 65 in July while accounting for 90.5% of all trading activity.

The number of products on ETF Deathwatch (average daily dollar volume below $100,000 and more than six months on the market) rose 9.8% to 146.


July 2010 Month End ETFs ETNs Total
Currently Listed U.S. 934 98 1,032
Listed as of 12/31/2009 836 89 925
New Introductions for Month 20 3 23
Delistings/Closures for Month 0 0 0
Net Change for Month +20 +3 +23
New Introductions YTD 121 9 130
Delistings/Closures YTD 23 0 23
Net Change YTD +98 +9 +107
Actively-Managed (qty) 28 0 28
Monthly $ Volume ($ billion) 1,414 17 1,431
% Change in Monthly $ Volume -17.7% -13.7% -17.7%
Avg Daily $ Volume > $1 Billion 11 0 11
Avg Daily $ Volume > $100 Million 64 1 65
On Deathwatch 110 36 146
% on Deathwatch 11.8% 36.7% 14.2%


New products launched in July (in chronological order):

  1. UBS E-TRACS 2x Monthly Long Alerian MLP Infrastructure ETN (MLPL) (Juicing the Yield to 12.9%)
  2. EGS INDXX India Small Cap ETF (SCIN) (India Small Caps Not Providing Expected Diversification)
  3. Global X Brazil Consumer ETF (BRAQ) (First ETF to Truly Target Brazil’s Consumer Sector)
  4. AdvisorShares Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF (GRV) (Actively-Managed Absolute Return Long/Short ETF of ETFs With Broker Incentives)
  5. UBS E-TRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP ETN (MLPG) (Riding the MLP Popularity Wave)
  6. Direxion Daily Retail Bull 2x (RETL) (Direxion Offers 2x Retail and Natural Gas ETFs)
  7. Direxion Daily Retail Bear 2x (RETS)
  8. Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bull 2x (FCGL)
  9. Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bear 2x (FCGS)
  10. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Consumer Discretionary Sector Index Fund (AXDI) (iShares Completes Rollout of All-Country ex-US Sector Suite)
  11. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Consumer Staples Sector Index Fund (AXSL)
  12. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Energy Sector Index Fund (AXEN)
  13. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Health Care Sector Index Fund (AXHE)
  14. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Industrials Sector Index Fund (AXID)
  15. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Information Technology Sector Index Fund (AXIT)
  16. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Materials Sector Index Fund (AXMT)
  17. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Telecommunications Services Sector Index Fund  (AXTE)
  18. iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Utilities Sector Index Fund (AXUT)
  19. Barclays ETN+ Inverse S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (XXV) (Barclays Abandons iPath Brand with Inverse Volatility ETN)
  20. AdvisorShares WCM/BNY Mellon Focused Growth ADR ETF (AADR) (Actively Managed International ETF)
  21. Market Vectors Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETF (EMLC) (Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETF From Market Vectors)
  22. Global X Lithium ETF (LIT) (Not a Pure Play On Lithium)
  23. Global X Brazil Financials ETF (BRAF) (An ETF Targeting Brazil’s Financial Sector)

Product closures/delistings in July:


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