Ron Rowland’s New ETF Field Guide!
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If ETFs interest you – and I know they do – my new ETF Field Guide is a must-own!

You already know ETFs have changed the investment landscape forever, giving investors like you and me easy access to every corner of the financial markets.

Growth always brings challenges, though, and the ETF landscape is no exception. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

When you’re lost in the investment jungle and can’t tell the animals apart, you need a guide to point the way. Now you have one! My hot off the presses ETF Field Guide gives you the most comprehensive listing of 1476 ETFs, Exchange Traded Notes, and similar species.

Better yet, the ETF Field Guide separates the herd into eight major sections. You’ll find the right trail immediately. This 76-page publication includes:

  • 158 Style ETFs: When your recipe calls for Large Cap Value, Small Cap Growth, or Mid Cap Blend, you’ll find plenty of choices. We break them down and illustrate the differences.
  • 142 Strategy ETFs: Maybe you need a fund with built-in filters. In this section you’ll find ETFs designed to deliver high dividend, socially responsible, asset allocation and other strategies.
  • 324 Sector ETFs: Want to zoom into a high-growth industry? Sector ETFs cover dozens of sectors and smaller categories. Health Care, Real Estate, Telecom, you name it – you’ll find all your choices here.
  • 244 International & Global ETFs: A well-diversified global stock portfolio is now as close as your keyboard. With world-wide, regional, and country-specific ETFs you can customize just the right mixture that will meet your needs.
  • 177 Bond ETFs: Fixed-income investors have never had it so good. Treasury and corporate bond ETFs cover the maturity spectrum. You can also dip your toe in ETF categories like convertible bonds, “Build America Bonds,” tax-exempt municipal bonds, and inflation-protected government bonds.
  • 108 Commodity ETFs: Want to capitalize on the always-interesting commodity markets? ETFs and ETNs help you do it without the complexity of futures trading. Gold, silver, copper, crude oil, natural gas, grains, and multi-commodity blends are all available right now.
  • 36 Currency ETFs: The U.S. Dollar isn’t the only currency in town. The ETFs on this list offer quick, easy diversification into the British Pound, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and many other currencies.
  • 257 Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: If you’re ready to pump up the volume – or bet on a market collapse – you can place your bet with the ETFs and ETNs on this list. You’ll find ways to profit in falling markets and/or multiply your exposure with 200% and 300% leverage.
  • 30 Volatility ETFs: Looking for the next level of trading the market? Investing not on the securities in the market but the nature of the market is now available. Theses ETFs look to capitalize on the ups and downs of the markets. Leveraged and Inverse ETFs are available in this specialized space as well.

Each section and category listing includes all your choices along with key data points. You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of expense ratio…current yield…fund size…and historical returns, both short-term and long-term.

Understanding risk is crucial to all adventurers, too. That’s why ETF Field Guide gives you risk measures like standard deviation, worst-case maximum drawdowns, beta vs the S&P 500 benchmark, liquidity metrics, and tax reporting expectations.

With all this data in mind, ETF Field Guide has one more feature you won’t find anywhere else…

For many categories, we highlight the ETF or ETN that we think is the best all-around choice. Of course every situation can vary, so our “Top Picks” are only a general guide, but they give you the best place to start your decision-making process.

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Lower fees? Higher returns? If the ETF Field Guide can lead you toward better choices, your savings will add up quickly.

I’m so confident in the ETF Field Guide that I’m giving you a satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t prove to be the most comprehensive ETF reference you’ve ever used, I will happily refund your entire purchase price within 14 days.

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Best Wishes to ETF Success,
Ron Rowland

P.S. The ETF Field Guide is both comprehensive and neutral. We are entirely independent from the ETF industry. We accept no advertising from ETF sponsors or brokers. Our goal is to serve you – the investor.