The newly revised 2017 edition of the “ETF Field Guide” is your comprehensive guide to the world of ETF investing. Get the information you need to make smart ETF investment choices in 2017 and beyond.

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Written by longtime ETF investment guru Ron Rowland, the 2017 “ETF Field Guide” is a 94-page e-book that explains how ETFs work and how to select the best ETFs for your needs.

  • What’s inside
  • Special features
  • How to take advantage of the many benefits of ETF investing (including tax advantages), and how to sidestep the dangers.
  • Insight into the correct way to buy ETFs.
  • Side-by-side comparisons of the more than 1,900 ETFs on the market, including those that target specific sectors, countries, bonds, and even real estate.
  • Information on exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and the unique risks they carry.
  • Top picks and which ETFs you should avoid.

693 smart-beta ETFs
190 ETNs
163 actively managed ETFs
91 fund-of-funds products
106 currency-hedged ETFs
79 ETFs using other hedging techniques
49 ETFs issuing K-1 forms
7 C-corporations with unique tax-liabilities

  • 11 major ETF groups
  • 145 ETF categories
  • 4 total return metrics
  • 4 risk measurements
  • 3 liquidity metrics (with unique shading)
  • Comprehensive ticker list and category cross-reference
  • Website links to 114 ETF sponsors and brands
  • Yields, expense ratios, launch dates, and more

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ETFs have changed the investment landscape, giving investors easy access to every corner of the financial markets. The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” is the only place that presents all of the information you need to know to make smart ETF investing choices right away, including:

  • Which ETFs use active management, smart-beta indexes, hedging, leverage, or a fund-of funds structure.
  • ETFs that have earned our coveted “blue star” rating to help you focus on the very best ETFs.
  • How our “blue star” ETFs were selected, so you can apply the same process for your investment needs.

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