U.S. ETF providers launched 247 new products in 2016, consisting of 229 exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) and 18 exchange-traded notes (“ETNs”). Subtracting out the 128 closures results in a net increase of 119 for the year. The 247 launches ran ahead of the 10-year average of 226, while the net increase came in below the 10-year average of 158.

The ETF industry is still in its infancy by many measures, but the growth rates for new product introductions and overall product counts have stalled, which is a sign of maturity. Calendar year 2007 produced the largest net growth, and 2011 was not far behind.

For nearly a decade, some industry analysts have been predicting that a surge in actively managed ETF offerings was just over the horizon. While the 41 actively managed ETFs introduced in 2016 represents a record, the 15 closures also established an all-time high. Maybe it will happen someday, but so far, the 163 actively managed ETFs have yet to make a significant impact on the overall industry.

Investor acceptance of smart-beta ETFs is one of the reasons actively managed ETFs have not gained much traction. Smart-beta ETFs are active in a sense, but they are only active at the index level, while the ETFs themselves passively follow an active index. Smart-beta ETFs accounted for 152 (61.5%) of 2016’s product launches and now represent 692 (35%) of the 1,964 listed ETFs and ETNs.

Although the actively managed portion of the ETF pie is much smaller than the smart-beta slice, active management has been successful at grabbing market share from ETNs. Assets in actively managed ETFs overtook ETN assets a year ago. They are now 38% ahead of assets in ETNs ($29.9 billion versus $21.7 billion), and product count is on a path to surpass that of ETNs also. There were just 18 new ETNs launched in 2016 but 29 closures, resulting in a shrinkage of the ETN count by 11 to 190.

We separate ETFs into nine major groupings (shown here with the number of launches in each during 2016):

  • Global and International: 73
  • Style and Strategy: 61
  • Sector: 46
  • Bond: 34
  • Leveraged: 11
  • Inverse: 10
  • Commodity: 7
  • Volatility: 5
  • Currency: 0

These groups are arranged by quantity of launches, and by sheer coincidence, they are in the same order as last year. Based on these divisions, the Global and International group was the largest contributor with 73 new products. Unlike 2015, when the majority of the new international ETFs employed currency hedging, only 16 took this approach last year. Instead, smart beta was the thrust in 2016, with 55 (75%) of the new foreign market ETFs falling into this classification.

The Style and Strategy group was home to the second-largest contingent of new ETFs in 2016. The primary data point to take away here is the fact that none of the 61 new ETFs in this group use traditional capitalization-weighted indexes. Instead, 51 employ a smart-beta index, and the other 10 are actively managed ETFs.

Sector funds remain popular, and 46 came to market in 2016, which is 53% more than in 2015. Smart beta is a theme within this category also, as 34 of the new sector ETF offerings use alternative selection or weighting schemes.

Bonds ETFs saw 34 introductions in 2016, with 12 being actively managed, eight having a smart-beta index, and 13 using a traditional index. Interest-rate hedging was a popular feature for bond ETFs launched in 2015, but none of 2016’s new Bond ETF arrivals include this feature.

Analyzing new ETFs based on features and characteristics is another way to observe industry trends. Using this approach, here are the new launch quantities with unique features:

  • 152 Smart Beta
  • 45 Dividend (including 5 MLP funds)
  • 41 Actively Managed
  • 28 Hedged (18 currency, 3 VIX, 2 equity, 2 gold, 2 managed futures, and 1 with option writing)
  • 21 ESG
  • 19 Thematic
  • 16 Fund-of-Funds
  • 5 MLP
  • 2 C-Corporations

This breakdown reinforces the fact that smart beta is the dominant characteristic behind new ETF offerings, a trend that continues to accelerate. In 2014, a little more than 25% of new products were smart beta. In 2015, the percentage jumped to 59% and edged up to 61.5% for 2016.

Dividend-focused ETFs continue to be popular, especially in the current low interest-rate environment. However, the category is becoming saturated, as evidenced by the 22% drop from the 58 launches of 2015 to 45 this past year.

Various forms of hedging were included with 28 of the new offerings. As mentioned previously, there were no interest-rate-hedged ETFs brought out in 2016, but 18 employ currency hedging, three use volatility hedging, two have equity hedges (short selling), two are gold hedged, two use managed futures, and one hedges with option writing.

The burst of 21 new environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) ETFs prompted a new category in our list. ESG is often used as a catchall designation for “socially responsible” investing, but the category can have somewhat fuzzy boundaries that may or may not include faith-based criteria.

Thematic investing also joins our list of characteristics this year with 19 new offerings. A thematic ETF is one that targets an identifiable area of the market, although its holdings are not confined to traditional sector boundaries. Thematic ETFs have been around for years, but there was a noticeable increase in launch activity in 2016. Some of the new themes are FinTech (Financial Technology), drones, longevity, millennials, 3D printing, and obesity.

As usual, BlackRock (BLK) launched the largest quantity of ETFs with 23 new products carrying the iShares brand name. Other sponsors with double-digit product introductions in 2016 included First Trust with 17, Elkhorn 13, WisdomTree (WETF) 12, and Direxion 10.

These 247 new ETFs were able to gather $6.3 billion in assets before the end of the year. The two largest were the UBS AG FI Enhanced Global Yield ETN (FIHD) $526 million and UBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN (FIEE) $425 million, although both of these were created as customized securities for Fisher Investments. Other new ETFs with large end-of-year asset bases include WisdomTree Dynamic Currency-Hedged International Equity (DDWM) $300 million, SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity (SHE) $272 million, First Trust Dorsey Wright Dynamic Focus 5 (FVC) $253 million, and Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets (FLQE) $250 million. Since funds launched in January had 12 times as many months as those launched in December to attract assets, the year-end asset levels do not necessarily equate to the fastest-growing products.

It doesn’t happen very often, but three of 2016’s new launches were closed and liquidated by the end of the year. Two were crude-oil funds from AccuShares, which set records for the shortest life span of any ETF, lasting less than three months. They were saddled with an unworkable teeter-totter arrangement, and they were built on the dreaded C-corporation structure also. The third new product that failed to make it to the end of the year was the thematic CrowdInvest Wisdom ETF (former ticker WIZE), which lasted just five months. Apparently, the wisdom of crowds decided it was not a wise ETF.

The table below lists all 247 new products sorted by launch date, although you have the ability to sort on other columns. The SB/A column indicates whether it is a Smart Beta, Actively Managed, or traditional Index ETF. The IPO date is the first day the product was listed and available for purchase. An ETF’s first trade may be a later date in some cases, as a few products do not have any first-day volume. Additionally, the “inception date” listed for many ETFs from other data providers is typically a meaningless date, as it is often a day or more before it actually becomes listed and available for purchase.

# Ticker Security Name Group SB/A IPO Date Notes
1 LEAD Reality Shares DIVCON Leaders Dividend Style/Strat SB 1/6/2016 3
2 DEFA iShares Adaptive Curr-Hdg MSCI EAFE Global/Intl 1/7/2016 1,2
3 DEZU iShares Adaptive Curr-Hdg MSCI Eurozone Global/Intl 1/7/2016 1,2
4 DEWJ iShares Adaptive Curr-Hdg MSCI Japan Global/Intl 1/7/2016 1,2
5 DDEZ WisdomTree Dynamic Curr-Hdg Europe Equity Global/Intl SB 1/7/2016 2,3
6 DDWM WisdomTree Dynamic Curr-Hdg International Eq Global/Intl SB 1/7/2016 2,3
7 DDLS WisdomTree Dynamic Curr-Hdg Intl SmallCap Eq Global/Intl SB 1/7/2016 2,3
8 DDJP WisdomTree Dynamic Curr-Hdg Japan Equity Global/Intl SB 1/7/2016 2,3
9 GNRX VanEck Vectors Generic Drug Sector 1/13/2016
10 DFND Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Defenders Style/Strat SB 1/14/2016 2,3
11 GARD Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Guard Style/Strat SB 1/14/2016 2,3
12 XITK SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology Sector SB 1/14/2016
13 EMDV ProShares MSCI Emerg Mkts Dividend Growers Global/Intl SB 1/27/2016 3
14 OIIL CS X-Links WTI Crude Oil Index ETN Commodity 2/9/2016
15 MLPQ ETRACS 2xMonthly Alerian MLP Infra Ser B ETN Leveraged 2/9/2016
16 MLPZ ETRACS 2xMonthly S&P MLP Series B ETN Leveraged 2/9/2016
17 GTO Guggenheim Total Return Bond ETF Bond A 2/10/2016
18 FIEE UBS AG FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Leveraged 2/16/2016
19 OILX ETRACS S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return ETN Commodity 2/18/2016
20 FUT ProShares Managed Futures Strategy Global/Intl A 2/18/2016 2
21 FIHD UBS AG FI Enhanced Global Yield ETN Leveraged SB 2/22/2016 3
22 SOVB Cambria Sovereign High Yield Bond ETF Bond A 2/23/2016
23 PGHD Pacer Global High Dividend ETF Global/Intl SB 2/23/2016 3
24 PUTW WisdomTree CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite Strategy Style/Strat SB 2/24/2016 2
25 JSML Janus Small Cap Growth Alpha ETF Style/Strat SB 2/25/2016
26 JSMD Janus Small/Mid Cap Growth Alpha ETF Style/Strat SB 2/25/2016
27 VIGI Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation Global/Intl SB 3/2/2016 3
28 VYMI Vanguard International High Dividend Yield Global/Intl SB 3/2/2016 3
29 GSEU Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity Global/Intl SB 3/4/2016
30 GSJY Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Japan Equity Global/Intl SB 3/4/2016
31 SHE SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index Style/Strat SB 3/8/2016
32 IFLY PureFunds Drone Economy Strategy Sector SB 3/9/2016
33 GAMR PureFunds Video Game Tech Sector SB 3/9/2016
34 DWIN PowerShares DWA Tactical Multi-Asset Income Global/Intl SB 3/10/2016 1,3
35 FVC First Trust Dorsey Wright Dynamic Focus 5 Style/Strat SB 3/18/2016 1
36 PSET Principal Price Setters Style/Strat SB 3/22/2016
37 PY Principal Shareholder Yield Style/Strat SB 3/22/2016 3
38 CEZ Victory CEMP Emerging Market Volatility Wtd Global/Intl SB 3/23/2016
39 JHMS John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Staples Sector SB 3/29/2016
40 JHME John Hancock Multifactor Energy Sector SB 3/29/2016
41 JHMI John Hancock Multifactor Industrials Sector SB 3/29/2016
42 JHMA John Hancock Multifactor Materials Sector SB 3/29/2016
43 JHMU John Hancock Multifactor Utilities Sector SB 3/29/2016
44 JUNE Dhandho Junoon ETF Style/Strat SB 4/4/2016
45 JPEH JPMorgan Diversified Return Europe Curr Hdg Global/Intl SB 4/4/2016 2
46 JPIH JPMorgan Diversified Return Intl Curr Hdg Global/Intl SB 4/4/2016 2
47 GHE REX Gold Hedged FTSE Emerging Markets Global/Intl A 4/5/2016 1,2
48 GHS REX Gold Hedged S&P 500 Style/Strat A 4/5/2016 1,2
49 ERYY Direxion Daily Energy Bear 1x Inverse 4/7/2016
50 FAZZ Direxion Daily Financial Bear 1x Inverse 4/7/2016
51 TECZ Direxion Daily Technology Bear 1x Inverse 4/7/2016
52 DVEM WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Global/Intl SB 4/7/2016 3
53 IQDG WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Gr Global/Intl SB 4/7/2016 3
54 RFAP First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Asia Pacific Global/Intl A 4/14/2016 2
55 RFDI First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Developed Intl Global/Intl A 4/14/2016 2
56 RFEU First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Europe Global/Intl A 4/14/2016 2
57 EMTL SPDR DoubleLine Emerging Markets Fixed Inc Bond A 4/14/2016
58 STOT SPDR DoubleLine Short Duration Tot Ret Tact Bond A 4/14/2016
59 DEMG Deutsche X-trackers FTSE Emerg Compr Factor Global/Intl SB 4/19/2016
60 CATH Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values Style/Strat SB 4/19/2016
61 OPD Guggenheim Large Cap Optimized Diversification Style/Strat SB 4/19/2016
62 BUZ Sprott Buzz Social Media Insights Style/Strat SB 4/19/2016
63 IBUY Amplify Online Retail Sector SB 4/20/2016
64 MPCT iShares Sustainable MSCI Global Impact Global/Intl SB 4/22/2016
65 WIZE CrowdInvest Wisdom Style/Strat SB 4/26/2016 4
66 WFIG WisdomTree Fundamental U.S. Corporate Bond Bond SB 4/27/2016
67 WFHY WisdomTree Fundamental U.S. HY Corp Bond Bond SB 4/27/2016
68 SFIG WisdomTree Fundamental U.S. S-T Corp Bond Bond SB 4/27/2016
69 SFHY WisdomTree Fundamental U.S. S-T HY Bond Bond SB 4/27/2016
70 VMIN REX VolMAXX Inverse VIX Weekly Futures Strat Volatility A 5/3/2016
71 VMAX REX VolMAXX Long VIX Weekly Futures Strategy Volatility A 5/3/2016
72 MILN Global X Millennials Thematic Style/Strat SB 5/5/2016
73 BFIT Global X Health & Wellness Thematic Global/Intl SB 5/10/2016
74 LNGR Global X Longevity Thematic Global/Intl SB 5/10/2016
75 OVLC Guggenheim U.S. Large Cap Optimized Volatility Style/Strat SB 5/10/2016
76 AGGE IQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. Bond SB 5/10/2016 1
77 AGGP IQ Enhanced Core Plus Bond U.S. Bond SB 5/10/2016 1
78 AMJL CS X-Links Monthly Pay 2x Alerian MLP ETN Leveraged 5/12/2016
79 CNDF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Consumer Disc Sector SB 5/12/2016
80 CNSF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Consumer Stap Sector SB 5/12/2016
81 ERGF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Energy Sector SB 5/12/2016
82 FNCF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Financials Sector SB 5/12/2016
83 HCRF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Healthcare Sector SB 5/12/2016
84 INDF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Industrials Sector SB 5/12/2016
85 MATF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Materials Sector SB 5/12/2016
86 TCHF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Technology Sector SB 5/12/2016
87 UTLF iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Utilities Sector SB 5/12/2016
88 JPME JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Mid Cap Equity Style/Strat SB 5/12/2016
89 BMLA Bullmark LatAm Select Leaders Global/Intl SB 5/19/2016 3
90 FAAR First Trust Alternative Absolute Return Strategy Global/Intl A 5/19/2016 2
91 IGRO iShares International Dividend Growth Global/Intl SB 5/19/2016 3
92 EPRF Elkhorn S&P High Quality Preferred Style/Strat SB 5/24/2016 3
93 DWFI SPDR Dorsey Wright Fixed Income Allocation Bond SB 6/2/2016 1
94 FLQE Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets Global/Intl SB 6/3/2016
95 FLQD Franklin LibertyQ Global Dividend Global/Intl SB 6/3/2016 3
96 FLQG Franklin LibertyQ Global Equity Global/Intl SB 6/3/2016
97 FLQH Franklin LibertyQ International Equity Hedged Global/Intl SB 6/3/2016 2
98 RFDA RiverFront Dynamic US Dividend Advantage Style/Strat A 6/7/2016 3
99 RFFC RiverFront Dynamic US Flex-Cap Style/Strat A 6/7/2016
100 FITS The Health and Fitness ETF Global/Intl SB 6/7/2016
101 OLD The Long-Term Care ETF Global/Intl SB 6/7/2016
102 SLIM The Obesity ETF Global/Intl SB 6/7/2016
103 ORG The Organics ETF Global/Intl SB 6/7/2016
104 SPDN Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 1x Inverse 6/8/2016
105 BEMO Aptus Behavioral Momentum Style/Strat SB 6/9/2016
106 ESGW Columbia Sustainable Global Equity Income Global/Intl SB 6/13/2016 3
107 ESGN Columbia Sustainable International Equity Inc Global/Intl SB 6/13/2016 3
108 ESGS Columbia Sustainable U.S. Equity Income Style/Strat SB 6/13/2016 3
109 RFCI RiverFront Dynamic Core Income Bond A 6/14/2016
110 RFUN RiverFront Dynamic Unconstrained Income Bond A 6/14/2016
111 RFEM First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets Global/Intl A 6/15/2016 2
112 CNYA iShares MSCI China A Global/Intl 6/15/2016
113 HYDD Direxion Daily High Yield Bear 2x Inverse 6/16/2016
114 FALN iShares Fallen Angels USD Bond Bond 6/16/2016
115 HYXE iShares iBoxx $ High Yield ex Oil & Gas Corp Bnd Bond 6/16/2016
116 OILD AccuShares S&P GSCI Crude Oil Down (C-corp) Inverse 6/28/2016 4
117 OILU AccuShares S&P GSCI Crude Oil Up (C-corp) Commodity 6/28/2016 4
118 DESC Deutsche X-trackers Russell 2000 Comp Factor Style/Strat SB 6/28/2016
119 TALL RBC S&P 500 Trend Allocator PR Index ETN Style/Strat SB 6/28/2016
120 XWEB SPDR S&P Internet Sector SB 6/28/2016
121 XTH SPDR S&P Technology Hardware Sector SB 6/28/2016
122 OEW Guggenheim S&P 100 Equal Weight Style/Strat SB 6/30/2016
123 ESGD iShares MSCI EAFE ESG Select Global/Intl SB 6/30/2016
124 ESGE iShares MSCI EM ESG Select Global/Intl SB 6/30/2016
125 SCAP AdvisorShares Cornerstone Small Cap Style/Strat A 7/7/2016
126 KRMA Global X Conscious Companies Style/Strat SB 7/12/2016
127 REML CS X-Links Mthly Pay 2x Mortgage REIT ETN Leveraged 7/13/2016
128 EYLD Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield Global/Intl SB 7/14/2016 3
129 ESGG FlexShares STOXX Global ESG Impact Global/Intl SB 7/14/2016
130 ESG FlexShares STOXX US ESG Impact Style/Strat SB 7/14/2016
131 DWLV PowerShares DWA Momo & Low Volty Rotation Style/Strat SB 7/14/2016 1
132 IGEM VanEck Vectors EM IG + BB USD Sovereign Bond Bond 7/14/2016
133 XIVH VelocityShares VIX Short Volatility Hedged ETN Volatility SB 7/14/2016 2
134 BSWN VelocityShares VIX Tail Risk ETN Volatility SB 7/14/2016 2
135 LSVX VelocityShares VIX Variable Long/Short ETN Volatility SB 7/14/2016 2
136 PRNT The 3D Printing ETF Global/Intl SB 7/19/2016
137 EUFL Direxion Daily European Financials Bull 2x Leveraged 7/27/2016
138 MELT Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bear 1x Inverse 7/27/2016
139 WBIR WBI Tactical Rotation Global/Intl A 7/27/2016 1
140 LVHI Legg Mason Intl Low Volatility High Dividend Global/Intl SB 7/28/2016 2,3
141 MLPE C-Tracks Miller/Howard MLP Fndmntl Ser B ETN Sector SB 8/9/2016
142 WTRX Summit Water Infrastructure Multifactor Sector SB 8/9/2016
143 EUFS Direxion Daily European Financials Bear 1x Inverse 8/10/2016
144 PMPT iSectors Post-MPT Growth Style/Strat A 8/17/2016 1
145 BTEC Principal Healthcare Innovators Sector SB 8/22/2016
146 GENY Principal Millennials I Global/Intl SB 8/22/2016
147 HDMV First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Dev Intl Global/Intl A 8/25/2016
148 HUSV First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Domestic Style/Strat A 8/25/2016
149 IMED PureFunds ETFx HealthTech Global/Intl SB 8/31/2016
150 FINQ PureFunds Solactive FinTech Global/Intl SB 8/31/2016
151 DULL Direxion Daily Silver Miners Index Bear 2x Inverse 9/8/2016
152 SHNY Direxion Daily Silver Miners Index Bull 2x Leveraged 9/8/2016
153 GBIL Goldman Sachs TreasuryAccess 0-1 Year Bond 9/8/2016
154 SMMV iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA Small-Cap Style/Strat SB 9/9/2016
155 FINX Global X FinTech Thematic Global/Intl SB 9/13/2016
156 SNSR Global X Internet of Things Thematic Global/Intl SB 9/13/2016
157 BOTZ Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Theme Global/Intl SB 9/13/2016
158 BSJO Guggenheim BulletShares 2024 High Yield Corp Bond 9/14/2016
159 BSCQ Guggenheim BulletShares 2026 Corporate Bond Bond 9/14/2016
160 JPHF JPMorgan Diversified Alternatives Global/Intl A 9/14/2016
161 FDVV Fidelity Core Dividend Style/Strat SB 9/15/2016 3
162 FDRR Fidelity Dividend ETF for Rising Rates Global/Intl SB 9/15/2016 3
163 FDLO Fidelity Low Volatility Factor Style/Strat SB 9/15/2016
164 FDMO Fidelity Momentum Factor Style/Strat SB 9/15/2016
165 FQAL Fidelity Quality Factor Style/Strat SB 9/15/2016
166 FVAL Fidelity Value Factor Style/Strat SB 9/15/2016
167 IBDR iShares iBonds Dec 2026 Term Corporate Bond 9/15/2016
168 JPHY JPMorgan Disciplined High Yield Bond A 9/15/2016
169 NUAG NuShares Enhanced Yield U.S. Aggregate Bond Bond SB 9/15/2016
170 USMR Recon Capital USA Managed Risk ETF Style/Strat SB 9/20/2016
171 ITML VanEck Vectors AMT-Free 12-17 Year Municipal Bond 9/20/2016
172 ITMS VanEck Vectors AMT-Free 6-8 Year Municipal Bond 9/20/2016
173 CWS AdvisorShares Focused Equity ETF Style/Strat A 9/21/2016
174 PFV Amplify YieldShares Prime 5 Dividend ETF Style/Strat SB 9/21/2016 1,3
175 DWAC Elkhorn DWA Commodity Rotation ETF Commodity A 9/21/2016
176 RCOM Elkhorn Fundamental Commodity Strategy ETF Commodity A 9/21/2016
177 FTXO First Trust Nasdaq Bank ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
178 FTXG First Trust Nasdaq Food & Beverage ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
179 FTXN First Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
180 FTXH First Trust Nasdaq Pharmaceuticals ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
181 FTXD First Trust Nasdaq Retail ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
182 FTXL First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
183 FTXR First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF Sector SB 9/21/2016
184 FLLV Franklin Liberty U.S. Low Volatility ETF Style/Strat A 9/22/2016
185 VRIG PowerShares Variable Rate Investment Grade Bond A 9/22/2016
186 PSC Principal U.S. Small Cap Index Style/Strat SB 9/22/2016 3
187 FCEF First Trust CEF Income Opportunities Global/Intl A 9/28/2016 3
188 MCEF First Trust Municipal CEF Income Opportunity Bond A 9/28/2016
189 OILK ProShares K-1 Free Crude Oil Strategy Commodity A 9/28/2016
190 TTAC TrimTabs Float Shrink Style/Strat A 9/28/2016
191 KOR AdvisorShares KIM Korea Equity Global/Intl A 9/29/2016
192 RORE Hartford Multifactor REIT ETF Sector SB 10/4/2016
193 FLCO Franklin Liberty Investment Grade Corporate Bond A 10/5/2016
194 WSKY Spirited Funds/ETFMG Whiskey & Spirits Sector 10/12/2016
195 LVHB Elkhorn Lunt Low Vol/High Beta Tactical Style/Strat SB 10/20/2016
196 IFIX Deutsche X-trackers Barclays Intl Corp Bnd Hdg Bond 10/25/2016 2
197 IGVT Deutsche X-trackers Barclays Intl Treas Bnd Hdg Bond 10/25/2016 2
198 EFAX SPDR MSCI EAFE Fossil Fuel Reserves Free Global/Intl SB 10/25/2016
199 EEMX SPDR MSCI Emg Mkts Fossil Fuel Resrv Free Global/Intl SB 10/25/2016
200 MVIN Natixis Seeyond International Minimum Volatility Global/Intl A 10/27/2016
201 TCTL Premise Capital Frontier Advantage Divers Tact Global/Intl SB 10/28/2016 1
202 ESGL Oppenheimer ESG Revenue Style/Strat SB 10/31/2016
203 ESGF Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue Global/Intl SB 10/31/2016
204 ACSI American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha Style/Strat SB 11/1/2016
205 CWEB Direxion Daily CSI China Internet Index Bull 2X Leveraged 11/2/2016
206 FLEU Barclays ETN+ FI Enh Europe 50 Series B ETN Leveraged 11/3/2016
207 GVIP Goldman Sachs Hedge Industry VIP Style/Strat SB 11/3/2016
208 IMTB iShares Core 5-10 Year USD Bond Bond 11/3/2016
209 DHDG WisdomTree Dynamic Cur Hdg Intl Qual Div Gr Global/Intl SB 11/3/2016 2,3
210 MENU USCF Restaurant Leaders Sector SB 11/8/2016
211 EFAS Global X MSCI SuperDividend EAFE Global/Intl SB 11/15/2016 3
212 JPSE JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Small Cap Eq Style/Strat SB 11/16/2016
213 VNLA Janus Short Duration Income Bond A 11/17/2016
214 OILB iPath Series B S&P GSCI Crude Oil ETN Commodity 11/18/2016
215 LVHE Legg Mason Emerging Markets Low Vlty High Div Global/Intl SB 11/18/2016 3
216 BNDC FlexShares Core Select Bond Bond A 11/21/2016 1
217 IDHD PowerShares S&P Intl Dev High Div Low Vlty Global/Intl SB 12/1/2016 3
218 XSHD PowerShares S&P SmallCap High Div Low Vlty Style/Strat SB 12/1/2016 3
219 ESGU iShares MSCI USA ESG Optimized Style/Strat SB 12/2/2016
220 BLHY Virtus Newfleet Dynamic Credit Bond A 12/6/2016
221 HYLB Deutsche X-trackers USD High Yield Corp Bond Bond 12/7/2016
222 SGQI Janus SocGen Global Quality Income Global/Intl SB 12/8/2016 3
223 WEAR The WEAR ETF Global/Intl 12/9/2016
224 DWT VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude ETN Inverse 12/9/2016
225 UWT VelocityShares 3x Long Crude ETN Leveraged 12/9/2016
226 DIVO Amplify YieldShares CWP Div & Option Income Style/Strat A 12/14/2016 3
227 NULG NuShares ESG Large-Cap Growth Style/Strat SB 12/14/2016
228 NULV NuShares ESG Large-Cap Value Style/Strat SB 12/14/2016
229 NUMG NuShares ESG Mid-Cap Growth Style/Strat SB 12/14/2016
230 NUMV NuShares ESG Mid-Cap Value Style/Strat SB 12/14/2016
231 NUSC NuShares ESG Small-Cap Style/Strat SB 12/14/2016
232 JHMD John Hancock MultiFactor Developed Intl Global/Intl SB 12/16/2016
233 COWZ Pacer US Cash Cows 100 Style/Strat SB 12/19/2016
234 BMLP BMO Elkhorn DWA MLP Select Index ETN Sector SB 12/20/2016
235 NURE NuShares Short-Term REIT Sector 12/20/2016
236 WBIY WBI Power Factor High Dividend Style/Strat SB 12/21/2016 3
237 XD Elkhorn S&P MidCap Consumer Discretionary Sector 12/30/2016
238 XS Elkhorn S&P MidCap Consumer Staples Sector 12/30/2016
239 XE Elkhorn S&P MidCap Energy Sector 12/30/2016
240 XF Elkhorn S&P MidCap Financials Sector 12/30/2016
241 XH Elkhorn S&P MidCap Health Care Sector 12/30/2016
242 XI Elkhorn S&P MidCap Industrials Sector 12/30/2016
243 XK Elkhorn S&P MidCap Information Technology Sector 12/30/2016
244 XM Elkhorn S&P MidCap Materials Sector 12/30/2016
245 XU Elkhorn S&P MidCap Utilities Sector 12/30/2016
246 INFR Legg Mason Global Infrastructure Sector SB 12/30/2016
247 OUSM O’Shares FTSE Russell Small Cap Quality Div Style/Strat SB 12/30/2016 3
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Notes: 1) Fund-of-Funds, 2) employs hedging, 3) dividend focus, 4) closed before the end of the year. All exchange-traded notes are identified with “ETN” and C-corporations with “C-corp” as part of their name description.

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