The Claymore China Technology ETF (CQQQ) started trading today (12/08/2009) and seeks to track the AlphaShares China Technology Index. Index constituents consist of publicly-traded companies based in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau that are in the information technology sector, and are open to foreign investment.

CQQQ currently has 34 holdings with the ten largest being Tencent Holdings 10.2%, 9.4%, 7.3%, BYD 7.1%, 5.8%, Shanda Interactive Entertainment 4.5%, Sina 4.4%, ZTE 3.7%, Lenovo Group 3.7%, and Kingboard Chemical Holdings 3.7%. The expense ratio is 0.70%.

This is the first ETF to focus on the China technology sector, and coincidentally, the second one is expected to be launched by Global X tomorrow.

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