The ETF world crossed another major milestone with the delisting of Direxion Daily Total Market Bear 1x Shares (TOTS) before the market opened yesterday (7/18/16). By itself, the closure of this ETF is not a remarkable event, but in conjunction with the 599 closures that came before it, the TOTS closure brings the lifetime death toll of U.S.-listed ETFs and ETNs to 600.

May 2009 is when the industry reached its first 100-closure milestone. Since then, each successive round-number increment has occurred on a regular basis, with the other 100-closure milestones taking place in December 2011 (200), October 2012 (300), March 2014 (400), and we crossed the 500 threshold in May 2015.

With a total of nearly 2,540 ETFs and ETNs brought to market in the U.S, these 600 closures represent a mortality rate of 23.6%. Additionally, 472 products were on ETF Deathwatch for June, and the smallest 1,044 of the 1,931 listings (54%) at the end of June account for only 1% of all ETF assets. They are clearly not profitable for their sponsors. Many of these will also not survive, and getting to the 1,000 ETF closure milestone is only a matter of time.

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