Dow 20,000 Percentages; Materials Sector Assumes Leadership

Exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) are everywhere, and so is ETF data. Unfortunately, most of that data is scattered far and wide, with only bits and pieces available from many sources. In-depth details are available at some websites, but comparing the 1,964 ETFs becomes a tedious chore, and printing those comparisons is nearly impossible. The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” solves these problems by bringing you all the pertinent ETF performance, risk, and liquidity information you need to make smart choices. Additionally, the 2017 “ETF Field Guide” provides data and information you will not find anywhere else, all in a convenient 94-page e-book, formatted for printing.

You’ve heard me and other ETF analysts talk about smart-beta ETFs, currency hedging, actively managed ETFs, and many other ETF categories and characteristics. However, have you ever seen each and every smart-beta ETF identified? The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” is the only publication that defines and clearly identifies all

  • 693 smart-beta ETFs
  • 190 exchange-traded notes (“ETNs”) that carry additional credit risk
  • 163 actively managed ETFs
  • 91 fund-of-funds ETFs
  • 106 currency-hedged ETFs
  • 79 ETFs using other hedging techniques (interest rate, volatility, and more)
  • 49 ETFs issuing K-1s instead of 1099 tax forms
  • 7 ETFs organized as C-corporations with unique tax liabilities

The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” is jam-packed with more than 20 data points for every ETF, all logically organized for your convenience and highlighted to help guide you toward the best ETFs and avoid the dangerous ones. The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” includes a user’s guide, extensive data tables, a convenient ticker cross-reference, and links to sponsor websites.

The guide classifies each ETF and ETNs into 11 major groups and 145 categories. Then, it sorts each category by asset size, placing the most popular ETFs at the top. Performance data includes 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year annualized total returns. Risk measurements include standard deviation, beta, and maximum drawdown. It doesn’t stop there. Each ETF entry also includes three liquidity measurements, tax form, expense ratio, yield, and more.

You’ve heard me describe the dangers of broken products. These are the ETFs and ETNs without a fully functional creation and redemption mechanism, which can lead to price premiums and discounts, making them act more like closed-end funds than ETFs. The 2017 “ETF Field Guide” is the only place you will see all 65 of these dangerous products clearly identified with a big red X.

I’m often asked to recommend or identify the best Emerging Markets ETF or the best Technology Sector ETF. Although every investor has his or her own set of objectives, I’ve identified the 57 ETFs I believe are “best of breed” within their category and awarded them my coveted blue star. Additionally, I describe the process I used to help you learn how to pick the best ETF for your particular needs.

As an ETF researcher and analyst, I’m always looking for comprehensive and convenient sources of ETF data. My search has revealed a complete lack of this level of ETF data and analysis in any form, let alone in a single searchable, printable document. That led me to develop this guide for my own use, and now I’m making it available to you. Another unique feature I haven’t found anywhere else: the 2017 “ETF Field Guide” contains clickable links to 111 ETF brands and sponsor websites.

In short, the 2017 “ETF Field Guide” contains the most comprehensive set of ETF data and information available at any price, all neatly organized into a 94-page e-book (PDF) that is viewable on the device of your choice or printed out for reference. To learn more, click here. To order your copy of the 2017 “ETF Field Guide” (with a special discount) and view your downloaded e-book within minutes, click here.

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Weekly Edge

Although they often move in opposite directions, commodities and the U.S. dollar posted above-average positive returns this past week. Crude oil is trading back above $51, erasing about half of its March freefall and boosting Energy ETFs. The dollar’s strength created headwinds for international ETFs, but many still managed to post gains.

Sectors: The Sector Benchmark ETFs reduced the spread in momentum scores this week, dropping from a 49-point top-to-bottom difference a week ago to a 32-point spread today. Although there was a significant reduction, the spread still remains large, which means investors are being rewarded for being in the right sectors. Most of the change was a result of good bounces from the oversold sectors of Telecom, Energy, and Real Estate. The gains for Real Estate pushed it back into the green, while Telecom and Energy ETFs were able to eliminate the majority of their negative momentum. Technology is at the top for a fourth week, and Utilities sits in second. Consumer Discretionary moved ahead of Health Care, while Consumer Staples slipped below Materials.

Factors: All of the Factor Benchmark ETFs are now in the green as High Beta shook off its negative momentum. The gains for High Beta also pulled it off the bottom of the rankings and pushed it three spots higher to eighth. As a result, Value is now on the bottom after gracing the top-ranked spot just five weeks ago. Factor rotation is indeed at work. Momentum is at the top of the list for a fourth week, and it has now expanded its margin over the other factors. Low Volatility, last week’s second-place occupant has slipped to third, with Growth moving up to fill the void. Quality also fell in the rankings, but it managed to keep itself in the upper half.

Global: The Eurozone was able to hold the top spot for only one week and had to settle for the second-place position this week. Latin America’s larger-than-average volatility is currently enhancing an upside price move for the region, propelling it from sixth to first in the rankings of the Global Benchmark ETFs. The jump caused Emerging Markets, China, and EAFE to join the Eurozone in losing ground in the rankings. The U.S. managed to post its first rise in the rankings in a number of weeks, aided by strength in the U.S. dollar. However, it is nothing to get excited about yet, as the single-place improvement leaves only Japan and Canada below the U.S. this week.

The following Edge Charts are market momentum snapshots. They provide a quick and easy way to help you visually get a handle on the overall state of the market. With these charts, you can assess both the relative strength and absolute strength (momentum) of more than 30 global equity market segments. Please refer to the Edge Chart User’s Guide for further explanation.

“Not everything that can be counted counts.
Not everything that counts can be counted.”

—William Bruce Cameron

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