The number of exchange-traded products (ETPs) on ETF Deathwatch climbed again this month to 153 (114 ETFs and 39 ETNs).  This is a 4.8% increase from last month and the highest number since May 2009.

Two funds closed last month that have been on the list every month since they became eligible:  Grail RiverPark Financials (former ticker RFF) and Grail RiverPark Technology (former ticker RPQ).  In addition, four funds from Claymore are scheduled to close in September and will have their last day of trading this Friday (9/10/10).  All four appeared on ETF Deathwatch at least once in the past three months.

Topping this month’s list is Elements Spectrum Large Cap U.S. Sector Momentum ETN (EEH) which traded on just six of the 22 market days in August.  Its “largest” day was August 17 with 500 shares changing hands.  ETNs from Elements also occupy the next two slots:  Elements CS Global Warming ETN (GWO) and Elements Ben Graham Large Cap Value ETN (BVL), which hasn’t traded in more than a month.  The average bid/ask spread of the top five products on ETF Deathwatch was 4.1% a half hour before Friday’s (9/3/10) close.

New ETF and ETN introductions are on pace to make 2010 the third most prolific year for launches.  However, it’s not necessarily the new funds that are making the list grow, as the 17 new products launched in February 2010 are shaping up to be a good crop.  This is the first month they are eligible for ETF Deathwatch and only one is on the list below – EGS INDXX China Infrastructure Index Fund (CHXX).  Currently 107 products have temporary immunity because they are less than six months old.  However, I won’t be surprised to find many of them here in the coming months.

It doesn’t take much to push an ETF’s dollar volume to either side of our $100,000 monthly threshold, which can make the membership list rather volatile.  This month 14 products are appearing for the first time in at least six months.  They are WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend (DFE), WisdomTree Dreyfus Euro (EU), SPDR S&P International Mid Cap (MDD), HOLDRS Internet Architecture (IAH), EGS DJ Emerging Markets Metals & Mining Titans (EMT), ProShares Ultra Russell 1000 Value (UVG), PowerShares Global Wind Energy (PWND), Rydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth (RZG), Market Vectors Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN (CNY), ProShares UltraShort Russell 1000 Growth (SFK), Claymore/Zacks Sector Rotation (XRO), Claymore/Beacon Spin-Off ETF (CSD), WisdomTree International Basic Materials (DBN), and iShares MSCI Kokusai Index Fund (TOK).

Listed below are the 153 products on ETF Deathwatch for September that are at least six months old and failed to generate at least $100,000 in average daily dollar volume last month.

ETF Deathwatch for September 2010

RankTickerNameAge (mths)Avg Daily VolumeAvg Daily $ Volume
1EEHElements Spec LgCap US Sector Mo ETN3873586
2GWOElements CS Global Warming ETN29114680
3BVLElements Ben Graham Large Cap Value ETN2582820
4UBCE-TRACS CMCI Livestock Total Return ETN2945906
5PGDBarclays Asian&Gulf Currency Reval. ETN27412,045
6FZBFaithShares Baptist Values Fund9912,289
7RPXGrail RP Growth ETF11862,381
8SPGHUBS E-TRACS S&P 500 Gold Hedged Idx ETN71002,813
9FKLFaithShares Lutheran Values Fund91232,990
10UBNE-TRACS CMCI Energy Total Return ETN292683,637
11PTDE-TRACS CMCI Short Platinum Exc Ret ETN281233,922
12BDGPowerShares DB Base Metals Long ETN272595,601
13JEMBarclays GEMS Currency Index ETN311325,796
14FMVFaithShares Methodist Values Fund92235,894
15FCVFaithShares Catholic Values Fund92325,895
16FUEElements MLCX Biofuels ETN317776,183
17JVSJETS DJ Islamic Market International141556,933
18GBBiPath GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN401737,292
19GSRGlobalShares FTSE Emerging Markets93557,329
20EKHHOLDRS Europe 20011171327,355
21FOCFaithShares Christian Values Fund93188,205
22UBGE-TRACS CMCI Gold Total Return ETN292558,447
23PMAPowerShares Active Mega-Cap Portfolio294099,003
24FEFNiShares MSCI Far East Financials Sector74059,405
25EXBClaymore/Beacon Gbl Exch, Brkrs, & Asst Mgrs398239,556
26JFTKEYnotes FT Enhanced 130/30 Large Cap ETN283419,593
27GRNiPath Global Carbon ETN2738610,469
28EENClaymore/BNY Mellon EW Euro-Pacific LDRs4359510,537
29GMMBGrail McDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bnd723211,918
30AXFNiShares MSCI ACWI ex US Financials Sector753212,285
31CRBIJefferies|TR/J CRB Global Ind Metals Equity1033212,388
32KMESPDR KBW Mortgage Finance ETF1631812,444
33EMFNiShares MSCI Emerging Markets Financials749512,956
34TGRiShares S&P Target Date Retirement Inc.2251414,563
35TXFGeary TXF Large Companies ETF1042315,767
36GMTBGrail McDonnell Core Taxable Bond ETF733617,392
37OOKGeary OOK, Inc.1055017,780
38BSCElements Ben Graham Small Cap Value ETN251,61817,796
39PJOPowerShares FTSE RAFI Japan3949517,939
40PSTLPowerShares Global Steel Portfolio2492718,318
41IWLiShares Russell Top 200 Index Fund1175919,356
42PQSCPowerShares FTSE Nasdaq Small Cap2990019,392
43UBME-TRACS CMCI Industrial Metals TR ETN2995019,393
44USVE-TRACS CMCI Silver Total Return ETN2973619,418
45DPUPowerShares DB Commodity Long ETN291,30919,496
46UAGE-TRACS CMCI Agriculture TR ETN2993220,284
47CHIEGlobal X China Energy ETF91,50520,846
48EROiPath EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETN4043221,605
49PTOPowerShares Ibbotson Alternative Completion282,04522,017
50VRDSPDR Nuveen S&P VRDO Municipal Bond ETF1174122,181
51INRMarket Vectors Indian Rupee/USD ETN3058622,390
52WMHHOLDRS Wireless12056422,430
53FUDE-TRACS CMCI Food Total Return ETN291,04122,681
54DODElements Dogs of the Dow Total Return ETN343,14522,994
55AYTBarclays GEMS Asia 8 ETN2449123,107
56CROClaymore/Zacks Country Rotation381,65525,434
57JYFWisdomTree Dreyfus Japan Yen2883625,679
58MESMarket Vectors Gulf States261,33226,765
59TZEiShares S&P Target Date 2015 Index Fund2290526,997
60TZOiShares S&P Target Date 2035 Index Fund2290027,038
61BVTElements Ben Graham Total Mkt Value ETN252,66827,377
62PTRPPowerShares Glb Progressive Transport.241,07728,273
63OTRClaymore/Ocean Tomo Growth421,18228,365
64TZGiShares S&P Target Date 2020 Index Fund221,00529,870
65CHIBGlobal X China Technology ETF92,00529,958
66TDDTDX Independence 2010361,29530,447
67BHHHOLDRS B2B Internet ETF12855,57332,169
68UWCProShares Ultra Russell30001459532,846
69XGCClaymore/BNY Mellon Intl Small Cap LDRs421,60033,020
70JPPSPDR Russell/Nomura PRIME Japan4689533,146
71TLLProShares UltraShort Telecom302,69533,452
72WMWElements Mrngstr Wide Moat Focus ETN353,27333,591
73TDXTDX Independence In-Target361,34133,749
74DFEWisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend5197334,434
75TWQProShares UltraShort Russell3000141,59537,445
76ROIWisdomTree LargeCap Growth211,18637,596
77OTPClaymore/Ocean Tomo Patent451,76438,608
78URRMarket Vectors Double Long Euro ETN281,45538,950
79GVTGrail American Beacon Large Cap Value161,25939,681
80PEFPowerShares FTSE RAFI Europe391,20539,857
81RWVRevenueShares Navellier Overall A-100201,29140,154
82PKOLPowerShares Global Coal Portfolio241,50540,984
83AGFPowerShares DB Agriculture Long ETN292,70042,190
84MKHHOLDRS Merrill Lynch Market 2000+12297743,903
85PQYPowerShares Active AlphaQ291,98646,865
86GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend263,23647,351
87EUWisdomTree Dreyfus Euro282,31848,302
88PBTQPowerShares Global Biotech Portfolio242,15548,806
89TZDiShares S&P Target Date 2010 Index Fund221,77351,476
90TDVTDX Independence 2040362,92751,589
91DJCIUBS E-TRACS DJ-UBS Commodity TR ETN102,06651,943
92BWViPath CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index ETN401,19152,185
93EMMTiShares MSCI Emerging Markets Materials72,24152,195
94TZLiShares S&P Target Date 2030 Index Fund221,75552,482
95EEOEGS DJ Emg Mkts Energy Titans161,16453,243
96TDNTDX Independence 2030362,90553,293
97GCEClaymore CEF Index GS Connect ETN333,30553,713
98PQBWPowerShares Nasdaq 100 Buy/Write272,57353,809
99TZIiShares S&P Target Date 2025 Index Fund221,80054,195
100UBDClaymore U.S. Capital Markets Bond ETF311,04556,007
101PQZPowerShares Active Alpha Multi-Cap293,60556,777
102RTLiShares FTSE NAREIT Retail Capped402,35957,599
103MDDSPDR S&P International Mid Cap282,21458,887
104FPXFirst Trust US IPO Index Fund533,03659,714
105IAHHOLDRS Internet Architecture1281,22759,988
106CRBAJefferies|TR/J CRB Global Agriculture Equity101,44160,656
107IFEUiShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe342,35562,477
108ADRUBLDRS Europe 100 ADR953,30562,840
109RWGGrail RP Focused Large Cap Growth ETF112,37363,150
110JPXProShares UltraShort MSCI Pacific ex-Japan153,75064,101
111EMTEGS DJ Emg Mkts Metals & Mining Titans161,15964,278
112MUAEiShares 2016 S&P AMT-Free Muni Series81,23264,366
113NUCLiShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy271,70964,509
114MCROIQ Hedge Macro Tracker ETF152,45065,976
115PJMPowerShares Dynamic Small Cap463,66466,543
116IFASiShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Asia342,35566,953
117TDHTDX Independence 2020363,20567,795
118EFNEGS DJ Emerging Markets Financials Titans121,49568,780
119JYNiPath JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETN4099169,035
120JJEiPath DJ-UBS Energy ETN353,29169,280
121AGAPowerShares DB Agriculture Dbl Short ETN291,89572,002
122PJBPowerShares Dynamic Banking476,26473,676
123LTLProShares Ultra Telecommunications301,93276,936
124PIQPowerShares Dynamic Magniquant473,84177,337
125UVGProShares Ultra Russell 1000 Value433,56877,691
126LVLClaymore/BBD High Income395,88680,091
127FADFirst Trust Multi Cap Growth AlphaDEX403,27380,483
128PWNDPowerShares Global Wind Energy267,89582,867
129QABAFirst Trust NASDAQ ABA Community Bank143,87783,270
130EZYWisdomTree Large Cap Value432,53684,451
131MUADiShares 2015 S&P AMT-Free Muni Series81,61484,862
132CHXXEGS INDXX China Infrastructure Index Fund74,38685,208
133LDiPath DJ-UBS Lead ETN271,58685,889
134JJUiPath DJ-UBS Aluminum ETN272,99586,270
135GRESIQ Global Resources ETF103,23286,660
136UCIE-TRACS CMCI Total Return ETN294,59187,330
137RZGRydex S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth552,39189,232
138PYHPowerShares Morningstar StockInvestor Core465,08690,594
139PAOPowerShares Riverfront Tactical Bal Growth288,06490,853
140PFAPowerShares Dynamic Dev Intl Opps396,02791,074
141CNYMarket Vectors Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN302,30992,044
142SFKProShares UltraShort Russell 1000 Growth432,68692,328
143XROClaymore/Zacks Sector Rotation484,44192,379
144CSDClaymore/Beacon Spin-Off ETF454,78292,560
145ROBClaymore/Robb Report Global Luxury385,05094,239
146DBNWisdomTree Intl Basic Materials473,74594,789
147MUACiShares 2014 S&P AMT-Free Muni Series81,85095,767
148IIHHOLDRS Internet Infrastructure12828,62796,016
149CHIIGlobal X China Industrial ETF96,60098,441
150TOKiShares MSCI Kokusai Index Fund332,84599,538
151EFOProShares Ultra MSCI EAFE151,46899,763
152CPIIQ Real Return ETF103,97399,872
153SJLProShares UltraShort Russell Midcap Value434,55999,989

Past issues of ETF Deathwatch are available here.

Disclosure covering writer, editor, and publisher: No positions in any of the securities mentioned. No positions in any of the companies or ETF sponsors mentioned.  No income, revenue, or other compensation (either directly or indirectly) received from, or on behalf of, any of the companies or ETF sponsors mentioned.