As mentioned in the latest ETF statistics report, 136 new US-listed exchange-traded products launched in 2009: 127 ETFs and nine ETNs.  The 56 closures produced a net increase of 80 for the year.

The table below lists all 136 sorted by the first day the product was listed and available for purchase.  The first trade may be a later date in some cases as a few products do not have any first-day volume.  Also, the so-called “inception date” for many ETFs is typically recorded as being a day or two before it actually becomes listed and available for purchase.

I assign each new product to one of six categories listed below.  The sector classification includes domestic and international sector funds.  Therefore, the new China sector ETFs are classified as sectors, not as international ETFs.  All leveraged and inverse funds go into a separate category, independent of whether they invest in equities, bonds, or commodities.  The commodity category includes only pure commodity funds, not equity funds of commodity producers, which are classified as sector funds.  Lastly, there are always a few products which are hard to pigeon-hole.  I ended up placing the VIX products in the commodity group and most of the hedge-fund replication products in the style category.

The number of new products in each category is as follows:

  • 22 Sector
  • 16 International
  • 28 Style (and Strategy)
  • 30 Bond
  • 33 Leveraged and Inverse
  • 6 Commodity
  • 1 Currency
#TickerNameTypeCategoryIPO Date
1MWNDirexion Daily Mid Cap Bear 3x SharesETFLev & Inv01/08/09
2MWJDirexion Daily Mid Cap Bull 3x SharesETFLev & Inv01/08/09
3IDXMarket Vectors Indonesia ETFETFInternational01/20/09
4ISHGiShares S&P/Citi 1-3 Year Intl Treas BondETFBond01/23/09
5IGOViShares S&P/Citi Intl Treasury FundETFBond01/23/09
6RWVRevenueShares Navellier Overall A-100ETFStyle01/23/09
7FAAClaymore/NYSE Arca Airline ETFETFSector01/26/09
8MBGSPDR Barclays Mortgage Backed Bond ETFETFBond01/27/09
9BWZSPDR Barclays Short Term Intl Treas ETFETFBond01/27/09
10VXZiPath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETNETNCommodity01/30/09
11VXXiPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETNETNCommodity01/30/09
12PRBMarket Vectors Pre-Refunded Mun IndexETFBond02/03/09
13HYDMarket Vectors High-Yield Muni Index ETFETFBond02/05/09
14GXGGlobal X/InterBolsa FTSE Colombia 20 ETFETFInternational02/06/09
15ITRSPDR Barclays Intermediate Term CreditETFBond02/11/09
16LWCSPDR Barclays Long Term Credit Bond ETFETFBond03/11/09
17QAIIQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETFETFStyle03/25/09
18AMJJPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETNETNSector04/02/09
19VSSVanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-CapETFInternational04/06/09
20TYODirexion Daily 10-Year Treasury Bear 3xETFLev & Inv04/16/09
21TYDDirexion Daily 10-Year Treasury Bull 3xETFLev & Inv04/16/09
22TMVDirexion Daily 30-Year Treasury Bear 3xETFLev & Inv04/16/09
23TMFDirexion Daily 30-Year Treasury Bull 3xETFLev & Inv04/16/09
24CWBSPDR Barclays Capital Convertible Bond ETFETFBond04/16/09
25KMESPDR KBW Mortgage Finance ETFETFSector04/30/09
26GVTGrail American Beacon Large Cap ValueETFStyle05/04/09
27CEWWisdomTree Dreyfus Emerging CurrencyETFCurrency05/06/09
28BRFMarket Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETFETFInternational05/14/09
29EEOEGS DJ Emg Mkts Energy TitansETFSector05/21/09
30EMTEGS DJ Emg Mkts Metals & Mining TitansETFSector05/21/09
31TUZPIMCO 1-3 Year U.S. Treasury Index FundETFBond06/02/09
32XPPProShares Ultra FTSE/Xinhua China 25ETFLev & Inv06/04/09
33EFOProShares Ultra MSCI EAFEETFLev & Inv06/04/09
34EETProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging MarketsETFLev & Inv06/04/09
35EZJProShares Ultra MSCI JapanETFLev & Inv06/04/09
36MCROIQ Hedge Macro Tracker ETFETFStyle06/09/09
37BZQProShares UltraShort MSCI BrazilETFLev & Inv06/18/09
38EPVProShares UltraShort MSCI EuropeETFLev & Inv06/18/09
39SMKProShares UltraShort MSCI MexicoETFLev & Inv06/18/09
40JPXProShares UltraShort MSCI Pacific ex-JapanETFLev & Inv06/18/09
41EMIFiShares S&P Emerging Mkts InfrastructureETFSector06/19/09
42EPUiShares MSCI All Peru Capped Index FundETFInternational06/22/09
43UPROProShares UltraPro S&P 500ETFLev & Inv06/25/09
44SPXUProShares UltraPro Short S&P 500ETFLev & Inv06/25/09
45DMMMacroShares Major Metro Housing DownETFLev & Inv06/30/09
46UMMMacroShares Major Metro Housing UpETFLev & Inv06/30/09
47QABAFirst Trust NASDAQ ABA Community BankETFSector07/01/09
48JVSJavelin DJ Islamic Market InternationalETFInternational07/01/09
49UWCProShares Ultra Russell3000ETFLev & Inv07/02/09
50TWQProShares UltraShort Russell3000ETFLev & Inv07/02/09
51EQLALPS Equal Weight Sector ETFETFStyle07/07/09
52CSMProShares Credit Suisse 130/30 Large-CapETFStyle07/14/09
53DRVDirexion Daily Real Estate Bear 3x SharesETFLev & Inv07/16/09
54DRNDirexion Daily Real Estate Bull 3x SharesETFLev & Inv07/16/09
55EEGEGS DJ Emerging Markets Titans CompositeETFInternational07/22/09
56SIVRETFS Silver TrustETFCommodity07/24/09
57VNMMarket Vectors Vietnam ETFETFInternational08/14/09
58GXFGlobal X FTSE Nordic 30 ETFETFInternational08/19/09
59TBFProShares Short 20+ Year TreasuryETFLev & Inv08/20/09
60STPZPIMCO 1-5 Year TIPS Index FundETFBond08/21/09
61LTPZPIMCO 15+ Year U.S. TIPS Index FundETFBond09/08/09
62TIPZPIMCO Broad U.S. TIPS Index FundETFBond09/08/09
63SGOLETFS Physical Swiss Gold SharesETFCommodity09/09/09
64TENZPIMCO 7-15 Year U.S. Treasury Index FundETFBond09/11/09
65DENTDent Tactical ETFETFStyle09/16/09
66EFNEGS DJ Emerging Markets Financials TitansETFSector09/16/09
67PSKSPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETFETFStyle09/17/09
68CRBQJefferies|TR/J CRB Global Commodity EquityETFSector09/21/09
69VRDSPDR S&P VRDO Municipal Bond ETFETFBond09/24/09
70DNOUnited States Short Oil FundETFLev & Inv09/24/09
71IWYiShares Russell Top 200 Growth Index FundETFStyle09/25/09
72IWLiShares Russell Top 200 Index FundETFStyle09/25/09
73IWXiShares Russell Top 200 Value Index FundETFStyle09/25/09
74ESRiShares MSCI Emerging Mkts Eastern EuropeETFInternational10/02/09
75RFFRP Financials ETFETFSector10/02/09
76RWGRP Focused Large Cap Growth ETFETFStyle10/02/09
77RPXRP Growth ETFETFStyle10/02/09
78RPQRP Technology ETFETFSector10/02/09
79YAOClaymore/AlphaShares China All-Cap ETFETFInternational10/19/09
80GRESIQ ARB Global Resources ETFETFSector10/27/09
81CPIIQ CPI Inflation Hedged ETFETFStyle10/27/09
82CRBAJefferies|TR/J CRB Global Agriculture EquityETFSector10/27/09
83CRBIJefferies|TR/J CRB Global Ind Metals EquityETFSector10/27/09
84OOKOOK, Inc.ETFStyle10/29/09
85DJCIUBS E-TRACS DJ-UBS Commodity TR ETNETNCommodity10/29/09
86ZROZPIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. TreasuryETFBond11/02/09
87FIVZPIMCO 3-7 Year U.S. Treasury Index ETFETFBond11/02/09
88SCHFSchwab International Equity ETFETFInternational11/03/09
89SCHBSchwab U.S. Broad Market ETFETFStyle11/03/09
90SCHXSchwab U.S. Large-Cap ETFETFStyle11/03/09
91SCHASchwab U.S. Small-Cap ETFETFStyle11/03/09
92TXFTXF Large Companies ETFETFStyle11/04/09
93GDXJMarket Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETFETFSector11/11/09
94ALTiShares Diversified Alternative TrustETFStyle11/16/09
95GRIDFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid InfrastructureETFSector11/17/09
96MNAIQ ARB Merger Arbitrage ETFETFStyle11/17/09
97MINTPIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity StrategyETFBond11/17/09
98BABPowerShares Build America Bonds PortfolioETFBond11/17/09
99BXDBBarclays S&P 500 1x Short 2009 ETN+ETNLev & Inv11/18/09
100BXUCBarclays S&P 500 2x Long 2009 ETN+ETNLev & Inv11/18/09
101BXDCBarclays S&P 500 2x Short 2009 ETN+ETNLev & Inv11/18/09
102BXUBBarclays S&P 500 3x Long 2009 ETN+ETNLev & Inv11/18/09
103BXDDBarclays S&P 500 3x Short 2009 ETN+ETNLev & Inv11/18/09
104UNLUnited States 12 Month Natural Gas FundETFCommodity11/18/09
105INDYiShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index FundETFInternational11/20/09
106VCITVanguard Intermediate-Term Corp Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
107VGITVanguard Intermediate-Term Govt Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
108VCLTVanguard Long-Term Corporate Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
109VGLTVanguard Long-Term Government Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
110VMBSVanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities ETFETFBond11/23/09
111VCSHVanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
112VGSHVanguard Short-Term Government Bond ETFETFBond11/23/09
113PLNDMarket Vectors Poland ETFETFInternational11/25/09
114CHIQGlobal X China Consumer ETFETFSector12/01/09
115CHIIGlobal X China Industrial ETFETFSector12/01/09
116MUNIPIMCO Intermediate Municipal Bond StrategyETFBond12/01/09
117CZIDirexion Daily China Bear 3x SharesETFLev & Inv12/03/09
118CZMDirexion Daily China Bull 3x SharesETFLev & Inv12/03/09
119LHBDirexion Daily Latin America 3x Bear SharesETFLev & Inv12/03/09
120LBJDirexion Daily Latin America 3x Bull SharesETFLev & Inv12/03/09
121CQQQClaymore China Technology ETFETFSector12/08/09
122GSRGlobalShares FTSE Emerging Markets FundETFInternational12/08/09
123FCVFaithShares Catholic Values FundETFStyle12/09/09
124FOCFaithShares Christian Values FundETFStyle12/09/09
125FMVFaithShares Methodist Values FundETFStyle12/09/09
126CHIBGlobal X China Technology ETFETFSector12/09/09
127CLYiShares 10+ Year Credit Bond FundETFBond12/09/09
128GLJiShares 10+ Year Government/Credit BondETFBond12/09/09
129CHIXGlobal X China Financials ETFETFSector12/11/09
130SCHGSchwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETFETFStyle12/11/09
131SCHVSchwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETFETFStyle12/11/09
132FZBFaithShares Baptist Values FundETFStyle12/15/09
133FKLFaithShares Lutheran Values FundETFStyle12/15/09
134CHIEGlobal X China Energy ETFETFSector12/16/09
135SCPBSPDR Barclays CapitalETFBond12/17/09
136HEDJWisdomTree International Hedged EquityETFInternational12/31/09

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Disclosure covering writer, editor, publisher, and affiliates: Long some of the securities in this list. No positions in any of the companies or ETF sponsors mentioned.  No income, revenue, or other compensation (either directly or indirectly) received from, or on behalf of, any of the companies or ETF sponsors mentioned.