Exchange-traded product launches numbered 308 in 2011, the largest on record.  The quantity surpassed the previous record of 291 introductions set in 2007.  New products in 2011 consisted of 231 ETFs and 77 ETNs.  Despite the large amount of media attention regarding actively managed ETFs, only five of the new launches fit that description, or less than 2% of new products.  I provide an initial review and analysis of each new ETP shortly after they launch.

Quantities by broad categories for the 308 launches of 2011:

  • 64 Style & Strategy
  • 62 Sector
  • 45 International
  • 33 Bond
  • 30 Commodity
  • 27 Leveraged
  • 24 Inverse
  • 20 Volatility
  • 3 Currency

The most prolific issuer of new products was Barclays, which brought out 25 ETNs under the iPath brand.  Following close behind was PowerShares with 24 new ETPs, Russell launched 23 ETFs, UBS issued 23 ETNs, and Global X came out with 22 ETFs.

The table below lists all 308 new products sorted by name.  The IPO date is the first day the product was listed and available for purchase.  The first trade may be a later date in some cases, as a few products do not have any first-day volume.  Additionally, the “inception date” listed for many ETFs is often a meaningless date as it is often a day or more before it actually becomes listed and available for purchase.

#TickerNameCategoryIPO DateNotes
1HDGEAdvisorShares Active Bear ETFInverse01/27/20111
2FWDDAdvisorShares Madrona Domestic ETFStyle/Strat06/21/20111
3FWDBAdvisorShares Madrona Global Bond ETFBond06/21/20111,2
4FWDIAdvisorShares Madrona International ETFInternational06/21/20111
5MATHAdvisorShares Meidell Tactical Advantage ETFStyle/Strat06/23/20111,2
6TTFSAdvisorShares TrimTabs Float Shrink ETFStyle/Strat10/05/20111
7CSMNCredit Suisse Market Neutral Glb Equity ETNStyle/Strat09/21/2011
8CSMBCredit Suisse Merger Arb Liquid 2x Mth ETNLeveraged03/08/2011
9FXCHCurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi TrustCurrency10/04/2011
10DBBRdb-X MSCI Brazil Currency-Hedged EquityInternational06/09/2011
11DBCNdb-X MSCI Canada Currency-Hedged EquityInternational06/09/2011
12DBEFdb-X MSCI EAFE Currency-Hedged EquityInternational06/09/2011
13DBEMdb-X MSCI Emerging Mkts Currency-Hdg EqtyInternational06/09/2011
14DBJPdb-X MSCI Japan Currency-Hedged EquityInternational06/09/2011
15KNOWDirexion All Cap Insider SentimentStyle/Strat12/08/2011
16TYBSDirexion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bear 1xInverse03/23/2011
17TYNSDirexion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 1xInverse03/23/2011
18COWSDirexion Daily Agribusiness Bear 3xInverse05/25/2011
19COWLDirexion Daily Agribusiness Bull 3xLeveraged05/25/2011
20MATSDirexion Daily Basic Materials Bear 3xInverse06/15/2011
21MATLDirexion Daily Basic Materials Bull 3xLeveraged06/15/2011
22SICKDirexion Daily Healthcare Bear 3xInverse06/15/2011
23CUREDirexion Daily Healthcare Bull 3xLeveraged06/15/2011
24RUSSDirexion Daily Russia Bear 3xInverse05/25/2011
25RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3xLeveraged05/25/2011
26SAGGDirexion Daily Total Bond Market Bear 1xInverse03/23/2011
27TOTSDirexion Daily Total Market Bear 1xInverse06/15/2011
28INSDDirexion Large Cap Insider SentimentStyle/Strat12/08/2011
29LGEMEGShares Basic Materials GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
30GGEMEGShares Consumer Goods GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
31VGEMEGShares Consumer Services GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
32HGEMEGShares Health Care GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
33INCOEGShares India Consumer ETFSector08/10/2011
34IGEMEGShares Industrials GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
35HILOEGShares Low Volatility Emg Mkts DividendInternational08/04/2011
36QGEMEGShares Technology GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
37TGEMEGShares Telecom GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
38UGEMEGShares Utilities GEMS ETFSector06/23/2011
39EAPSESG Shares Pax MSCI EAFE ESG Index ETFStyle/Strat01/28/2011
40AGOLETFS Physical Asian Gold SharesCommodity01/14/2011
41FSGFactorShares 2X: Gold Bull/S&P500 BearLeveraged02/24/2011
42FOLFactorShares 2X: Oil Bull/S&P500 BearLeveraged02/24/2011
43FSEFactorShares 2X: S&P500 Bull/TBond BearLeveraged02/24/2011
44FSUFactorShares 2X: S&P500 Bull/USD BearLeveraged02/24/2011
45FSAFactorShares 2X: TBond Bull/S&P500 BearLeveraged02/24/2011
46FPAFirst Trust Asia Pacific Ex-Japan AlphaDEXInternational04/19/2011
47FBZFirst Trust Brazil AlphaDEX FundInternational04/19/2011
48FCAFirst Trust China AlphaDEX FundInternational04/19/2011
49FDTFirst Trust Developed Markets Ex-US AlphaDEXInternational04/19/2011
50FEMFirst Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX FundInternational04/19/2011
51FEPFirst Trust Europe AlphaDEX FundInternational04/19/2011
52SKYYFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundSector07/06/2011
53FJPFirst Trust Japan AlphaDEXInternational04/19/2011
54FLNFirst Trust Latin America AlphaDEXInternational04/19/2011
55FMKFirst Trust Mega Cap AlphaDEX FundStyle/Strat05/12/2011
56FNYFirst Trust Mid Cap Growth AlphaDEXStyle/Strat04/20/2011
57FNKFirst Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEXStyle/Strat04/20/2011
58FONEFirst Trust NASDAQ CEA SmartphoneSector02/18/2011
59CARZFirst Trust NASDAQ Global Auto IndexSector05/10/2011
60FYCFirst Trust Small Cap Growth AlphaDEXStyle/Strat04/20/2011
61FYTFirst Trust Small Cap Value AlphaDEXStyle/Strat04/20/2011
62FKOFirst Trust South Korea AlphaDEXInternational04/19/2011
63TDTTFlexShares iBoxx 3-Yr Target Duration TIPSBond09/22/2011
64TDTFFlexShares iBoxx 5-Yr Target Duration TIPSBond09/22/2011
65GUNRFlexShares Mstar Glb Upstream Natural ResSector09/22/2011
66TILTFlexShares Mstar U.S. Market Factor TiltStyle/Strat09/22/2011
67FBMFocus Morningstar Basic Materials Index ETFSector03/30/2011
68FCQFocus Morningstar Communication Srvcs ETFSector03/30/2011
69FCLFocus Morningstar Consumer Cyclical ETFSector03/30/2011
70FCDFocus Morningstar Consumer Defensive ETFSector03/30/2011
71FEGFocus Morningstar Energy Index ETFSector03/30/2011
72FFLFocus Morningstar Financial Services ETFSector03/30/2011
73FHCFocus Morningstar Health Care Index ETFSector03/30/2011
74FILFocus Morningstar Industrials Index ETFSector03/30/2011
75FLGFocus Morningstar Large Cap Index ETFStyle/Strat03/30/2011
76FMMFocus Morningstar Mid Cap Index ETFStyle/Strat03/30/2011
77FRLFocus Morningstar Real Estate Index ETFSector03/30/2011
78FOSFocus Morningstar Small Cap Index ETFStyle/Strat03/30/2011
79FTQFocus Morningstar Technology Index ETFSector03/30/2011
80FMUFocus Morningstar US Market Index ETFStyle/Strat03/30/2011
81FUIFocus Morningstar Utilities Index ETFSector03/30/2011
82ALUMGlobal X Aluminum ETFSector01/05/2011
83VROMGlobal X Auto ETFSector05/19/2011
84CNPFGlobal X Canada Preferred ETFInternational05/25/2011
85BARNGlobal X Farming ETFSector06/02/2011
86SOILGlobal X Fertilizers/Potash ETFSector05/26/2011
87FISNGlobal X Fishing Industry ETFSector05/04/2011
88EATXGlobal X Food ETFSector05/03/2011
89ANDGlobal X FTSE Andean 40 ETFInternational02/03/2011
90ARGTGlobal X FTSE Argentina 20 ETFInternational03/03/2011
91ASEAGlobal X FTSE ASEAN 40 ETFInternational02/17/2011
92GREKGlobal X FTSE Greece 20 ETFInternational12/08/2011
93MEXSGlobal X Mexico Small-Cap ETFInternational05/05/2011
94QQQMGlobal X NASDAQ 400 Mid Cap ETFStyle/Strat12/06/2011
95QQQVGlobal X NASDAQ 500 ETFStyle/Strat12/06/2011
96XOILGlobal X Oil Equities ETFSector03/15/2011
97GGGGGlobal X Pure Gold Miners ETFSector03/15/2011
98EMGXGlobal X Russell Emerging Markets Growth ETFInternational01/25/2011
99EMVXGlobal X Russell Emerging Markets Value ETFInternational01/25/2011
100TSXVGlobal X S&P/TSX Venture 30 Canada ETFSector03/17/2011
101SOCLGlobal X Social Media Index FundSector11/15/2011
102SDIVGlobal X SuperDividend ETFInternational06/09/2011
103WSTEGlobal X Waste Management ETFSector04/13/2011
104ABCSGuggenheim ABC High Dividend ETFInternational06/08/2011
105BSJCGuggenheim BulletShares 2012 HY BondBond01/25/2011
106BSJDGuggenheim BulletShares 2013 HY BondBond01/25/2011
107BSJEGuggenheim BulletShares 2014 HY BondBond01/25/2011
108BSJFGuggenheim BulletShares 2015 HY BondBond01/25/2011
109RMBGuggenheim Yuan Bond ETFBond09/22/2011
110IVOiPath Inv Jan 2021 S&P 500 VIX S-T Fut ETNVolatility01/14/20113
111IVOPiPath Inverse S&P 500 VIX S-T Futures ETN IIVolatility09/19/2011
112VZZBiPath Long Enh 2x S&P 500 VIX M-T Fut ETNVolatility07/11/2011
113DIRTiPath Pure Beta Agriculture ETNCommodity04/21/2011
114FOILiPath Pure Beta Aluminum ETNCommodity04/21/2011
115BCMiPath Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETNCommodity04/21/2011
116CHOCiPath Pure Beta Cocoa ETNCommodity04/21/2011
117CAFEiPath Pure Beta Coffee ETNCommodity04/21/2011
118CUPMiPath Pure Beta Copper ETNCommodity04/21/2011
119CTNNiPath Pure Beta Cotton ETNCommodity04/21/2011
120OLEMiPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETNCommodity04/21/2011
121ONGiPath Pure Beta Energy ETNCommodity04/21/2011
122WEETiPath Pure Beta Grains ETNCommodity04/21/2011
123HEVYiPath Pure Beta Industrial Metals ETNCommodity04/21/2011
124LEDDiPath Pure Beta Lead ETNCommodity04/21/2011
125LSTKiPath Pure Beta Livestock ETNCommodity04/21/2011
126NINIiPath Pure Beta Nickel ETNCommodity04/21/2011
127BLNGiPath Pure Beta Precious Metals ETNCommodity04/21/2011
128SBViPath Pure Beta S&P GSCI-Weighted ETNCommodity04/21/2011
129GRWNiPath Pure Beta Softs ETNCommodity04/21/2011
130SGARiPath Pure Beta Sugar ETNCommodity04/21/2011
131XVZiPath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETNVolatility08/18/2011
132DCNGiPath Seasonal Natural Gas ETNCommodity04/21/2011
133DFVSiPath US Treasury 5-Year Yield Bear ETNInverse07/12/2011
134DFVLiPath US Treasury 5-Year Yield Bull ETNLeveraged07/12/2011
135EMERIQ Emerging Markets Mid Cap ETFInternational07/13/2011
136CROPIQ Global Agribusiness Small Cap ETFSector03/22/2011
137IOILIQ Global Oil Small Cap ETFSector05/05/2011
138HKKIQ Hong Kong Small Cap ETFInternational05/18/20113
139RSUNIQ Japan Mid Cap ETFInternational06/02/20113
140ROOFIQ US Real Estate Small Cap ETFSector06/14/2011
141LEMBiShares Emerging Mkts Local Currency BondBond10/20/2011
142FLOTiShares Floating Rate Note FundBond06/17/2011
143GTIPiShares Global Inflation-Linked Bond FundBond05/20/2011
144HDViShares High Dividend Equity FundStyle/Strat03/31/2011
145ITIPiShares International Inflation-Linked BondBond05/20/2011
146ACWViShares MSCI All Country World Min VolatilityInternational10/20/2011
147MCHIiShares MSCI China Index FundInternational03/31/2011
148EFAViShares MSCI EAFE Minimum VolatilityInternational10/20/2011
149EEMViShares MSCI Emerging Markets Min VolatilityInternational10/20/2011
150EEMSiShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small CapInternational08/18/2011
151USMViShares MSCI USA Minimum VolatilityStyle/Strat10/20/2011
152IPFFiShares S&P International Preferred StockInternational11/17/2011
153TZWiShares S&P Target Date 2045 Index FundStyle/Strat08/18/20112
154TZYiShares S&P Target Date 2050 Index FundStyle/Strat08/18/20112
155RKHMarket Vectors Bank and Brokerage ETFSector12/21/2011
156BBHMarket Vectors Biotech ETFSector12/21/2011
157XMPTMarket Vectors CEF Municipal Income ETFBond07/13/20112
158COLXMarket Vectors Colombia ETFInternational03/15/2011
159GERJMarket Vectors Germany Small-Cap ETFInternational04/05/2011
160FLTRMarket Vectors Investment Grd Floating RateBond04/26/2011
161BONOMarket Vectors LatAm Aggregate Bond ETFBond05/12/2011
162MORTMarket Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETFSector08/17/2011
163OIHMarket Vectors Oil Services ETFSector12/21/2011
164PPHMarket Vectors Pharmaceutical ETFSector12/21/2011
165CHLCMarket Vectors Renminbi Bond ETFBond10/12/2011
166RTHMarket Vectors Retail ETFSector12/21/2011
167RSXJMarket Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETFInternational04/14/2011
168SMHMarket Vectors Semiconductor ETFSector12/21/2011
169NKYMAXIS Nikkei 225 Index FundInternational07/13/2011
170MLPYMorgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income ETNSector03/17/2011
171BARLMorgan Stanley S&P 500 Crude Oil ETNLeveraged06/29/2011
172HYSPIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate BondBond06/17/2011
173AUDPIMCO Australia Bond Index FundBond11/01/2011
174CADPIMCO Canada Bond Index FundBond11/10/2011
175BUNDPIMCO Germany Bond Index FundBond11/10/2011
176DSUMPowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum BondBond09/23/2011
177CVRTPowerShares Convertible Securities PortfolioBond05/26/2011
178JGBSPowerShares DB -1x Japanese GvtBnd Fut ETNInverse11/09/2011
179BUNTPowerShares DB 3x German Bund Futures ETNLeveraged03/23/2011
180ITLTPowerShares DB 3x Italian T-Bond Fut. ETNLeveraged03/23/2011
181JGBTPowerShares DB 3x Japanese G-Bond Fut ETNLeveraged03/23/2011
182JGBDPowerShares DB -3x Japanese GvtBnd Fut ETNInverse11/09/2011
183UUPTPowerShares DB 3x Long USD Idx Fut ETNCurrency05/24/2011
184UDNTPowerShares DB 3x Short USD Idx Futures ETNCurrency05/24/2011
185BUNLPowerShares DB German Bund Futures ETNBond03/23/2011
186ITLYPowerShares DB Italian T-Bond Futures ETNBond03/23/2011
187JGBLPowerShares DB Japanese G-Bond Fut ETNBond03/23/2011
188DEFLPowerShares DB US Deflation ETNInverse12/06/2011
189INFLPowerShares DB US Inflation ETNLeveraged12/06/2011
190PFIGPowerShares Fundamental Inv. Grade CorpBond09/15/2011
191PXLGPowerShares Fundamental Pure Large GrStyle/Strat06/16/2011
192PXLVPowerShares Fundamental Pure Large ValueStyle/Strat06/16/2011
193KBWBPowerShares KBW BankSector11/01/2011
194KBWCPowerShares KBW Capital MarketsSector11/01/2011
195KBWIPowerShares KBW InsuranceSector11/01/2011
196KBWRPowerShares KBW Regional BankingSector11/01/2011
197SPHBPowerShares S&P 500 High Beta PortfolioStyle/Strat05/05/2011
198SPLVPowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility PortStyle/Strat05/05/2011
199BKLNPowerShares Senior Loan PortfolioSector03/03/2011
200HDGProShares Hedge Replication ETFStyle/Strat07/14/2011
201TBXProShares Short 7-10 Year TreasuryInverse04/05/2011
202SJBProShares Short High YieldInverse03/22/2011
203IGSProShares Short Investment Grade CorporateInverse03/29/2011
204SVXYProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures ETFVolatility10/04/2011
205BOILProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Natural GasLeveraged10/06/2011
206UJBProShares Ultra High YieldLeveraged04/14/2011
207IGUProShares Ultra Investment Grade CorporateLeveraged04/14/2011
208UVXYProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETFVolatility10/04/2011
209TBZProShares UltraShort 3-7 Year TreasuryInverse04/05/2011
210KOLDProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Natural GasInverse10/06/2011
211TPSProShares UltraShort TIPSInverse02/10/2011
212VIXMProShares VIX Mid-Term Futures ETFVolatility01/04/2011
213VIXYProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETFVolatility01/04/2011
214BTALQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral Anti-BetaStyle/Strat09/13/2011
215BTAHQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral High BetaStyle/Strat09/13/2011
216MOMQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral MomentumStyle/Strat09/07/2011
217QLTQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral QualityStyle/Strat09/07/2011
218SIZQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral SizeStyle/Strat09/07/2011
219CHEPQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral ValueStyle/Strat09/13/2011
220NOMOQuantShares U.S. Mkt Neutral Anti-MomentumStyle/Strat09/07/2011
221DRGSRBS Global Big Pharma ETNSector10/24/2011
222TBARRBS Gold Trendpilot ETNCommodity02/22/2011
223TNDQRBS NASDAQ 100 Trendpilot ETNStyle/Strat12/13/2011
224TWTIRBS Oil Trendpilot ETNCommodity09/15/2011
225TRNMRBS US Mid Cap Trendpilot ETNStyle/Strat01/27/2011
226HBTARussell 1000 High Beta ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
227HMTMRussell 1000 High Momentum ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
228HVOLRussell 1000 High Volatility ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
229LBTARussell 1000 Low Beta ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
230LVOLRussell 1000 Low Volatility ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
231SHBTRussell 2000 High Beta ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
232SHMORussell 2000 High Momentum ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
233SHVYRussell 2000 High Volatility ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
234SLBTRussell 2000 Low Beta ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
235SLVYRussell 2000 Low Volatility ETFStyle/Strat05/27/2011
236AGRGRussell Aggressive Growth ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
237CONGRussell Consistent Growth ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
238CNTRRussell Contrarian ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
239XHMORussell Developed ex-U.S. High MomentumInternational11/03/2011
240XLBTRussell Developed ex-U.S. Low Beta ETFInternational11/03/2011
241XLVORussell Developed ex-U.S. Low Volatility ETFInternational11/03/2011
242EQINRussell Equity Income ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
243GRPCRussell Growth at a Reasonable Price ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
244LWPERussell Low P/E ETFStyle/Strat05/19/2011
245SGGGRussell Small Cap Aggressive Growth ETFStyle/Strat10/05/2011
246SCOGRussell Small Cap Consistent Growth ETFStyle/Strat10/05/2011
247SCTRRussell Small Cap Contrarian ETFStyle/Strat10/05/2011
248SCLPRussell Small Cap Low P/E ETFStyle/Strat10/05/2011
249EWACRydex MSCI All Country World Equal WeightInternational01/12/2011
250EWMDRydex S&P MidCap 400 Equal Weight ETFStyle/Strat08/04/2011
251EWSMRydex S&P SmallCap 600 Equal Weight ETFStyle/Strat08/04/2011
252SCHMSchwab U.S. Mid-Cap ETFStyle/Strat01/13/2011
253SCHHSchwab U.S. REIT ETFSector01/13/2011
254SCHZSchwab US Aggregate Bond ETFBond07/14/2011
255SCHDSchwab US Dividend Equity ETFStyle/Strat10/20/2011
256FLRNSPDR Barclays Investment Grade Floating RateBond12/01/2011
257EBNDSPDR Barclays Emerging Markets Local BondBond02/24/2011
258CBNDSPDR Barclays Issuer Scored Corp BondBond04/07/2011
259SSTSPDR Barclays Short Term Treasury ETFBond12/01/2011
260HYMBSPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Municipal BondBond04/14/2011
261XARSPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETFSector09/29/2011
262EDIVSPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETFInternational02/24/2011
263XHESPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETFSector01/27/2011
264XHSSPDR S&P Health Care Services ETFSector09/29/2011
265XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETFSector09/29/2011
266XTLSPDR S&P Telecom ETFSector01/27/2011
267XTNSPDR S&P Transportation ETFSector01/27/2011
268NAGSTeucrium Natural Gas FundCommodity02/01/2011
269SOYBTeucrium Soybean FundCommodity09/19/2011
270CANETeucrium Sugar FundCommodity09/19/2011
271WEATTeucrium Wheat FundCommodity09/19/2011
272CRUDTeucrium WTI Crude Oil FundCommodity02/23/2011
273VXAAUBS ETRACS 1-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
274VXBBUBS ETRACS 2-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
275BDCLUBS ETRACS 2x Wells Fargo BDC ETNLeveraged05/25/2011
276VXCCUBS ETRACS 3-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
277VXDDUBS ETRACS 4-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
278VXEEUBS ETRACS 5-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
279VXFFUBS ETRACS 6-Mth S&P 500 VIX Futures ETNVolatility09/08/2011
280AAVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 1-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
281BBVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 2-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
282CCVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 3-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
283DDVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 4-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
284EEVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 5-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
285FFVXUBS ETRACS Daily Shrt 6-M S&P VIX Fut ETNVolatility09/08/2011
286OFFUBS ETRACS Fisher-Gartman Risk Off ETNInverse11/30/2011
287ONNUBS ETRACS Fisher-Gartman Risk On ETNStyle/Strat11/30/2011
288SSDDUBS ETRACS ISE Solid State Drive Index ETNSector09/15/2011
289EIPLUBS ETRACS M 2x Lvr Next Gen Internet ETNLeveraged07/21/2011
290LSKYUBS ETRACS Mth 2x ISE Cloud Comptng ETNLeveraged10/05/2011
291SSDLUBS ETRACS Mth 2x ISE Solid State Drive ETNLeveraged09/15/2011
292GASZUBS ETRACS Natural Gas Fut. Contango ETNCommodity06/16/2011
293EIPOUBS ETRACS Next Generation Internet ETNSector07/21/2011
294OILZUBS ETRACS Oil Futures Contango ETNCommodity06/16/2011
295BDCSUBS ETRACS Wells Fargo BDC ETNSector04/28/2011
296CPERUnited States Copper Index FundCommodity11/15/2011
297VXUSVanguard Total International Stock ETFInternational01/28/2011
298IPALVelocityShares 2x Inverse Palladium ETNInverse10/17/2011
299IPLTVelocityShares 2x Inverse Platinum ETNInverse10/17/2011
300LPALVelocityShares 2x Long Palladium ETNLeveraged10/17/2011
301LPLTVelocityShares 2x Long Platinum ETNLeveraged10/17/2011
302DGLDVelocityShares 3x Inverse Gold ETNInverse10/17/2011
303DSLVVelocityShares 3x Inverse SilverInverse10/17/2011
304UGLDVelocityShares 3x Long Gold ETNLeveraged10/17/2011
305USLVVelocityShares 3x Long Silver ETNLeveraged10/17/2011
306ALDWisdomTree Asia Local Debt FundBond03/17/20111
307RRFWisdomTree Global Real Return FundStyle/Strat07/14/2011
308WDTIWisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy FundStyle/Strat01/05/20111
Notes: 1) actively managed, 2) Fund-of-Funds, 3) delisted prior to end of year.  All exchange traded notes are identified with “ETN” as part of their name description.

List of 223 New ETPs for 2010 

List of 136 new ETPs for 2009 

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