ETFs first arrived on the US market in 1993. Actively managed ETFs did not arrive until 15 years later in 2008. Actively managed ETFs will celebrate their second birthday later this week on March 25, 2010.

As of today, there have been a total of 27 actively managed ETFs launched in the US. The first one was Bear Stearns Current Yield (former ticker YYY), which also has the dubious distinction of being the first actively managed ETF to be delisted, barely six months after its launch.

Later this week on March 24, WisdomTree US Short-Term Government Income (USY) will become the second actively managed ETF to be delisted. Unless there are some additional launches this week, there will be a total of 25 actively managed ETFs trading on Thursday for the two-year industry birthday celebration.

So far, 2008 saw the most launches of actively managed ETFs with 14 new funds. Looking at the data by type of fund reveals that equity and currency strategies have been the most popular with nine each. There have been seven actively managed bond ETFs and two multi-asset funds.

The table below lists all 27 actively managed ETFs sorted by launch date.

1YYYBear Stearns Current YieldBond03/25/0810/01/08
2PQYPowerShares Active AlphaQEquity04/11/08
3PQZPowerShares Active Alpha Multi-CapEquity04/11/08
4PLKPowerShares Active Low DurationBond04/14/08
5PMAPowerShares Active Mega-Cap PortfolioEquity04/14/08
6CYBWisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese YuanCurrency05/14/08
7BZFWisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian RealCurrency05/14/08
8ICNWisdomTree Dreyfus Indian RupeCurrency05/14/08
9EUWisdomTree Dreyfus EuroCurrency05/14/08
10USYWisdomTree U.S. Short-Term Govt IncomeCurrency05/20/0803/24/10
11JYFWisdomTree Dreyfus Japan YenCurrency05/21/08
12BNZWisdomTree Dreyfus New Zealand DollarCurrency06/25/08
13SZRWisdomTree Dreyfus S. African RandCurrency06/25/08
14PSRPowerShares Active U.S. Real Estate FundEquity11/20/08
15GVTGrail American Beacon Large Cap ValueEquity05/04/09
16CEWWisdomTree Dreyfus Emerging CurrencyCurrency05/06/09
17DENTDent Tactical ETFMulti-Asset09/16/09
18RFFGrail RP Financials ETFEquity10/02/09
19RWGGrail RP Focused Large Cap Growth ETFEquity10/02/09
20RPXGrail RP Growth ETFEquity10/02/09
21RPQGrail RP Technology ETFEquity10/02/09
22ALTiShares Diversified Alternative TrustMulti-Asset11/16/09
23MINTPIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity StrategyBond11/17/09
24MUNIPIMCO Intermediate Muni Bond StrategyBond12/01/09
25GMTBGrail McDonnell Core Taxable Bond ETFBond01/29/10
26GMMBGrail McDonnell Intermediate Municipal BndBond01/29/10
27SMMUPIMCO Short Term Municipal Bond StrategyBond02/03/10

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