ETF Launch Activity Sputters in May

New ETF and ETN introductions in May totaled only eight, the slowest pace in 19 months.  Three of the new offerings are categorized as fixed income funds, two have allocations to multiple asset classes, one follows a hedge fund replication index, and two provide leveraged exposure to stock dividend... 

Are JPMorgan Chase ETNs Safe?

I don’t know about you, but here in Texas I can barely drive a mile without passing a JPMorgan Chase (JPM) branch.  They’re even inside the grocery stores. Simply being everywhere doesn’t make a bank safe, of course.  As we learned last week, traders in London just cost JPMorgan $2 BILLION and... 

ETF Deathwatch for May 2012: NASDAQ Tries To Help

The quantity of products on ETF Deathwatch climbs again with twenty names being added to the list for May and only four coming off.  The net increase of 16 pushes the total count to 324, consisting of 229 ETFs and 95 ETNs.  Another 138 products were excluded because they are less than six months old,... 

ETF Stats for April 2012: Listed Count at 1,457

Eighteen new ETFs and two ETNs came to market in April.  The twenty new product introductions places the year-to-date launch count at 105, but the net increase is only 88 as a results of the 17 closures.  The number of listed products was 1,457 at month-end, consisting of 1,243 ETFs and 214 ETNs. Assets... 

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